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Hiv scared to death

Hi please answer my question today i give to one man handjob with condom and i was naked he dinot cum but befor that he was walking around naked and after when he was going to dress he aksidentally drop my pants on the floor i put my pants on back but i put some handsantizier in my pants if my pants have touch his precum on the floor do i am in risk for hiv i dont have any cuts in my vagina no bleeding i am very clean girl and i dont know for sure if it was his precum in the floor but if is so?
Please help me thank you
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No, you have Absolutely No risks. HIV doesn't spread like this. There wast insertive sex so you have absolutely no risk at all.

You are good. Dont worry even for a fraction of a second.

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You can go back to your happy life because HIV doesn't live in air.

Nobody gets it from athletic collisions and cuts, so you are in a way safer scenario than those people who hit others at high speeds and blood goes flying from the cuts they create.

Nothing left for you to think about, since you are covered multiple times against disease.
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Thank you so much you answers means a lot for me i been in lot of strees i gone stop worring thank you guys love you
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Hi there -

You seem to be worried about a lot of non-sexual ways to get HIV.

The only ways to get HIV are through anal or vaginal sex, mother-child transmission, or sharing needles for drug use. Unless someone else's blood, semen or vaginal fluids get into your blood stream, you can't get HIV from them.

Hope this helps!

Dear emily.so possibility of getting infected even after swollowing a load of infected semen is so low?or not possible at all?
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