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Hiv testing and guidance

Recently I had a sexual encounter with a male, we had anal sex and I am the top guy. There is a condom breakage during the sex act. I visited a health care provider in India and he suggested me to get a hiv RT-PCR test. As per the description of the health care provider the RT-PCR test is accurate after 24 hrs of exposure. I tried to look on google if the window period is so less for RT-PCR and I cant find much information on google apart from the CDC guidelines, which states that window period for NAT test is 33 days. I would like to know if RT-PCR is really accurate after 24hrs after exposure. Does anyone know of an RT-PCR hiv test which is conducted after 24hrs of exposure and is accurate.  In India where ever lab is following the same procedure, they are using RT -PCR after 24hrs to determine the accuracy. Can anyone let me know if this is correct. Is there any RT-PCR hiv test with such smaller window period which got released recently. please comment on this post as this is important for others to know as well
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Please do not start multiple threads, it clogs up the forum. In your other post (why we try to keep all info on one post), you gave your exposure and it was assessed. A risk, but a low risk. A low risk of LESS than 1 percent. And given the man wasn't a stranger, uses condoms and tests, very unlikely to have had hiv (if the other person doesn't have hiv, that makes the risk ZERO). I'm not even going to go through your whole post here. RT-PCR. 10 days is the norm for that test. Stop testing. You will surely be negative. Test with a DUO test at 28 days.
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Sorry for posting multiple queries. this particular question is a general question which is happening to most of the people and most of the people might be interested. A doctor asked me to take the test 24hrs after the incident and most of the labs in my country says that its accurate. I want the community to know about it. I want the people from my place know whether that kind of testing is accurate or not.

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