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How come there are 0 posts where people have tested positive for HIV?

I am just curious why I cannot find one post where somebody has tested positive for HIV.  Certainly someone must have come back positive?  I'm not trying to get kicked off this forum (this is my life support) but I just want to know.  Do you think that this is a controled forum just to lower anxiety?  I had protected sex with a sex worker, however, I had an open cut that definitely come in direct contact with vaginal secreations.  I was told my risk was extremely low and not to even bother getting tested (only for anxiety purposes).  

What is the deal?  Truly someone must have some down this this.
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I dont think anyone has actually tested positive.  Most of the people on this forum have close to zero risks, yet suffer from an obsession with this disease.  I think I might have read one post on here that I actually thought was a real risk.  Also, alot of these are fears are from one time exposures.  Usually a person becomes infected after having repeated sex with someone who has hiv.
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You must have a risk to be infected. Most of the posters didn't have a risk like you. They just come here thinking they had a risk and have know knowledge of the facts of hiv transmission.
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I'm with the other two posters. Just about no one here is at any risk whatsoever--including you, although I understand that you can't see that. This and all the other STD/HIV forums are pretty much exclusively for the worried well.

How many people in real life do you know who have HIV?
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I know the questioned wasn't directed toward me.  But I'd just like to say that I have known 3 people who were infected with hiv.  2 of them were heroin addicts and 1 a woman whose husband gave it to her b/c he was on the downlow.  She obviously was having repeated sex with her husband unprotected, unaware of his bi sexual tendancies.
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You guys do a wonderful job of calming people down and giving out decent facts. I really appericiate your way of helping out distressed people in general and spreading out positive energy.
I am trying to detatch myself from all these forums but I need to ask 1 question today.

Sparker, monkey, teak: You guys said that most of the people here are low risk individuals but wouldn't that statement be making a generalized assumption of risk factors being low. I personally have read MSM anal sex posts in this forum also and they are the highest risk. Please do not feel I am questioning your stance in any ways but I would really like to know what would you call a high risk. I feel a risk with unknown status partner is also a high risk as he/she himself might not be aware that they are infected especially in case of sex workers.

Having said that, I apologize to perfectMax for butting in thread started by him and taking something from this post for myself, I would like to ask if you guys do not think my exposure was at average-high on the scale.

Thanks for being so level headed and helpful at all the times..
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If you would have read my response it said, MOST, people that comes here didn't have a risk. No where did it say ALL people.
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I think highest risk is sharing needles, to be honest with you.  But I assume you are talking penetration wise.  Therefore, I would say is having unprotected sex w/gay or bi sexual men of unknown status.  I think anal is the riskiest type of behavior for guys and girls.  I would say if you are going to be promiscuous, avoid unprotected anal intercourse, since it causes small abrasions in the rectal tissues, through which HIV in an infected partner's semen may be injected directly into the recipient's blood. Keep in mind though, it's not the *easiest* virus to transmit.  And most people that become infected through sex are infected b/c they have repeat encounters with someone who has hiv.
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Plenty of interesting comments by all who have shared their views here. I am not sure if needles are the only primary cause of the spread but certainly makes sense as a major contributor.

I have, over the months, searched the net for various things related to symtoms of HIV. Only recently I have realized, based on my search, that HIV has 5 stages ranging from the infection till the development to AIDS. I have an ulcer in the beack of the tongue and went nuts thinking this was an ARS symptom. Only realized recently that with my exposure of only 3 months ago, such a symptom is unlikely to indicate HIV as it is not till the third stage which would take considerable time (years) to reach if the condition goes unattended.

I am not sure that the conclusion I have reached will be agreed to by most of you. The bottom line is that most of us worry, and spend sleepless nights not really understanding the disease and its progression. I am not sure if the Doc. would agree to my conclusions, but really, stop worrying a lot and be safer next time.
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The truth is, what the media and the CDC tells you about HIV is somewhat conservative.  If the CDC and the media was less conservative, you would have a lot of people getting into more risky behavior (ie unprotected sex on one night stands and what not) thus spreading other STDs and infections.  Being overly cautious is never a bad thing, rather a just preventative measure.
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Yeah, the day after my exposure I called the CDC and asked about risk.  Afterwards, I was about to stick a gun to my head (JOKING) but I was freaked out!  Hopefully, for my sake, they are really on the conservative side.
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That means more or less it is misrepresentation of facts by CDC. In other words, a LIE which fuels people's fears. And the irony is that someone might die of a heart attack from a lie due to fear from the information coming out of an agency responsible to maintain the health of the country's people.
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Its not so much a lie, these guidlines are conservative and theoretical based on the fact that we cant 100% accurately assess risks...(although sometimes accuracy can be assessed around 99%+/-).  If they were to say 6 weeks is 100% and one out of 1,000,000,000,000 people got HIV, someone would be suing the CDC for misinformation.  Based on statistical data, 6 weeks is 99%+ reliable.  The CDC isnt up to any type of conspiracy, relax!  You should be afraid of catching STDs/HIV.  Fear, in this instance, causes one to take precautionary measures (ie. umaking one use protection).
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