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Ahhh isn't unchecked immigration wounderful!!

They found that HIV was brought to Haiti by an infected person from central Africa in about 1966, which matches earlier estimates, and then came to the United States in about 1969.

The researchers think an unknown single infected Haitian immigrant arrived in a large city like Miami or New York, and the virus circulated for years -- first in the U.S. population and then to other nations.

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Yup the world is small but we use to live in an almost disease free country. Now with all this UNCHECKED immigration all the old diseases are making a big tme comeback.
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Hiv has been found in blood banks stored from as far back as 1959 (in the U.S).
Some say Hiv was brought to America by aprimiscuos homesexual gentleman flight attendant, who traveled so frequently and had so many partners that they were uncertain of the origin of the disease. He was very handsome and a sex addict who frequented San Fran bath houses, ect. Probably not true, but they did a docc called patient one or something like this. This is why they say the disease was so prevelant in the bay area in the begining, suposedly. Who knows, i really think there is going to great difficulty for them to play disease detective. Most of the disease has been spread white folk Longone, lets not turn this into a race thing. We were the first ones to become detected with this disease if you go back and do your reseach. We are the biggest travelers of the globe, ect, we are the ones that brought this dreaded disease to very remote places as tourists, so lets not buy into myths.
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Hi - just to pick up on this imigration is not part of this process, there is nothing stopping an American or non imigrant picking up the desease in another country and bringing it back. The disease does not care who it infects, I do not think a passport or other wise is a form of protection. Sorry to state the obviouse but the issue is not related to unchecked imigration.
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Not to mention there is not a place really, that you can go that does not have people with hiv/aids, for the most part.
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"Most of the disease has been spread white folk Longone, lets not turn this into a race thing."

Now there's you go,typical Racist calling someone eles a name. Who the hell brought up RACE!!Immigration was the subject and the documented increase of disease in this country. You have the nerve to bring up "white fokes" and as always expect no blow back. B?S I as a "white folk" am offended at your reference.  
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It is definitely a true statement.  as is one that says more black women have HIV than caucasian.  Nothing to do with race or gender.  It is called surveillance data.
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Its a gig that has been working for 25 years. It has successfull shut up any dicussion. Like all things it has had its day. People see reality now and what worked with my generation will no longer work. Free speach might just survive this overwhelming P.C. crowd.
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Agreed.  The pendulum has swung too far.
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HIV is spreading fastest among 14-25 year old African American women.  Just to support what Chris and dumbo said.  This is where most of the treatment and testing campaigns are being targeted (in addition to MSM).  There is a phenomenon that we even learned about in school called "sex on the down low" which I was never aware of until recently.  Apparently there is a disturbing trend of black men (not only, but especially) having sex with men outside of their heterosexual relationships and bringing HIV back and infecting their partners.  Some suggest it explains the disproportionately high rates of HIV in the black female population.

Racism has nothing to do with this discussion, it is simply a statement of fact which has been studied.
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This "trend" is very apparent in the literature.  Men on the "down low" who get hiv class themselves as heterosexual, so, it gets recorded this way.  And you are right, the majority are African american, and Hispanic men.  There are now subcategories in the surveillance data, under the heterosexual title, showing how many are women, color/race, and if they are from an endemic country.

You are right, it is not about race nor are any of these racist statements.  It is fact.  What surprises me is how much deflection goes on which ultimately only hurts those who need help the most IMO.  Deflection at the cost of human lives to serve egos and personal motivations/agendas.  Sad.
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It definitely is.  It is a startling phenomenon and it is raging in Atlanta.  Women are coming in all of the time testing positive and literally having breakdowns because they cannot figure out how they got it, since they have been faithful and assume their partners have been faithful.  It is disturbing, but it says something about society when people are not comfortable enough in their homosexuality or bisexuality to have open relationships and not go out covertly and come back and infect their partners.  Very heartbreaking for the partners as well.  
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actually I can think of one country that is HIV free.

Population 1600

Vatican City
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