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Insertive oral sex - confirmed status

Firstly I would like to say thanks to everyone on this forum and appreciate your great work. I would have probably ended up in ER if not for this forum due to anxiety.

My ex-girlfriend, recently opened up to me on her HIV status. She acquired HIV through birth and she's been on medication since the age of 4 and she's now 26 year old. We shared so many good memories, we're decided to be best friends.

We never engaged in vaginal or anal sex. She gave me a blowjob only twice - unprotected, on May 4th and recently on September 6th - when she opned up to me. We deep kissed numerous times. Nothing else besides that. That's it.

When she opened up to me, she affirmed me I was safe and I shouldn't worry.

I've read on medhelp and freedomhealth, Dr Hook, Dr Hansfield, Dr Gonzalez - top HIV experts all say there's no risk when getting a blowjob and no documented case.

I've probably read all the post on this forum, regarding blowjob/insertive oral sex.

A week after she told me that I went through depression and experienced all sorts of stomach issues due to my anxiety. But I'm okay now.

I really want to move on with my life.

Was I at any risk from my exposures - receiving a blowjob and deep kissing?
Do I really need to get tested?
Is Saliva at any stage infectious?
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Thanks @CurfewX and @AnxiousNoMore.

1. Would the presence of small non-bleeding cuts in her mouth/lips make a difference?

2. Should I put this behind me and move on with my life without any concerns.
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1. NO
2. YES
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You read all the posts saying no risk, so I don't know why you are asking now if there is a risk. hiv science is 40 years old so if you think the science changed last night then you are really fixated on hiv and should consider therapy.
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Believe the experts - you were never at risk.  If you don't have unprotected intercourse with her, you'll never have a risk for HIV.  If she has been on medication for years, chances are her viral load is undetectable and she wouldn't be able to transmit it to you EVEN IF you had unprotected intercourse.

Saliva isn't infectious.  There's no reason to test, at all.  
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