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Is my Rash related to HIV

Dear Doctor,
I hv a protected oral and vaginal sex with sex worker with condom all the time. Condom never broke or slip as of my knowledge.
I panicked and took PEP (Triumeq) for 28 days.
During PEP I didn’t hv any hiv related symptoms. But I got folliculitis type of rash but not as a cluster but it’s like one at neck another one at hip and thigh. Those are following the hair follicle. But it’s also itchy.
During PEP , I had tinea pedis( 2nd week after started PEP) on my left leg, lymp node swollen on the right groin, is it possible that tinea pedis cause the lymp node to swell on right groin?
So I tested for HIV  with 4th Gen , came negative. I presumed that if the lymp node swelling means that body is producing antibodies ( correct me if I’m wrong) so the swollen lymp node in the groin is because of tinea pedis.
So I took some cream from doctor and treated the tinea pedis and the lymph node in the groin has also gone.
I took PEP  for 28 days and never missed any dose. And went for testing next day 4 th gen test came back negative. Now I’m at 2.5weeks post PEP. I’m still having folliculitis type rash ere ad there on the body. I’m not sure it s related to HIV or because of side effects of triumeq. These were cleared in two to three days.
Now I also have another type of rash on my right shoulder , a small pimple die skin color rash has been there for two days now and it s still there. It s itchy when I touch it , otherwise no itchiness. It showed up in other areas of the body. I’m not sure this is related to HIV acute symptoms or side effects of triumeq or other stress related rash?
Does the triumeq has the side effects even 2.5 weeks after completed the last dose?
Please help to answer my question.
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The only risks for HIV in adults are:
1) Having unprotected (no condom) penetrative anal or vaginal sex, OR
2) Sharing IV drug equipment with other IV drug users.

No other event that you can think of, including the encounter you had, puts you at risk for HIV.  You did not need the PEP since you were at zero risk for HIV.  I don't know what is causing your medical issues, and I certainly do not know the side effects for every medication, but you can rule out HIV as the cause.

Obviously, you do not need to test for a disease that you cannot have.
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Sorry to post again,
I have done my HIV test 2days back (2.5 weeks of Post PEP , it was negative. Now I have joint pain in my left elbow and upset stomach and loose stools. Is it related to seroconversion or something related to the PEP medication side effects?
I don’t hv any other symptoms like fever , Enlarged lymph nodes . Please help to answer.
I think you really need to focus on this statement --- "You did not need the PEP since you were at zero risk for HIV. ".  Please read. Read a second time .We don't need to hear about negative tests. OF COURSE they are negative, you had no risk. Every test you take because you are giving into your anxiety will be negative. Stop testing and we need no more updates. You had no risk. That means you CAN NOT HAVE HIV. So take care, get help with anxiety and move along with your life.
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Im not doctor or professional but i educate myself here well,
Long time ago i asked this anxiety driven type of questions
In first place you dont had a risk at all,no need for testing
Prep apsolutley unwaranted,
Condom is highly effective against hiv and other std's
Hiv is only transsimted via UNPRPOTECTED vaginal and anal sex,and sharing IV needles during heroin use.
So man please seek help for your anxiety before to late.
Your  exposure is virtually non-exist.
Belive me,but i hope some doctor here will answer to you,to ease your mind ,for a while.
Just keep use condoms and you will be ok.
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