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Lymph Node Question

Hello Guys/Girls

I am sorry for asking questions at regular intervals...

Suppose i had a low risk exposure....

i tested negative via Hiv DUO at 15 days.

Now on the 19th Day...i felt a kind of a Pea lump under my left arm... it hurt a lot when i touched it....

I explained the situation to the doctor over the phone (HE DOES NOT KNOW ANYTHING ABT MY HIV EXPOSURE) ....he prescribed me anti biotics...for 5 days....

Now its been like 5 days past... and i still have the pea like lump under my left arm... it hurts when i tocuh it but yes it has REDUCED in size from what it was before.....
what i wanna ask is that if it was due to HIV (Swollen lymph node) could it reduce?Do hiv related nodes hurt?

Do i need to take any more test?

For the people who don't know my exposure...Pls read below..


i will explain the scenario..
i was in an A.C chilled room...with a massage parlour girl in Hong Kong ...i had my back towards her as she was massaging my back with oil(massaged for like 20 mins)...lots of oil...then she asked me if i want handjob...i accepted it then i turned....then she shagged my penis for like 3 secs and then applied oil from the bottle and kept shagging me till i came....
now what i THINK is that while i had my back towards her (while she was massaging my back) she inserted her finger in her vagina and then when i turned she touched my **** (which did not have any cuts/bleeding as far as i know).... (I am just assuming that she inserted her finger in her vagina...i did not see her doing so)
cud she had inserted her finger in her vagina?

while she was massaging my back she did touch my balls a couple of times....cud she have had vaginal secretions on her fingers when she touched my balls? or when i turned and she shagged me?
cud she have had vaginal secretions that time on her fingers?

I did not notice and cut/bleeding on my balls....but it was itchy and dry...but as i had a shower before the massage they were damp.

Pls tell me what do i do?
is the swelling under my left arm...a swollen lymph node?
u cannot see it from outside...u can feel it when u touch....

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you didnt have any kind of a risk as far as hiv is concerned from the encounter you described.
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for the sake of answering your concerns on swollen lymphs, hiv causes swelling of lymph nodes all over the body, not just on one area. And swollen lymphs caused by HIV don't hurt.
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On thebody there are just diagnosed Hiv Patients who Have Painful/tender nodes.

Experts say they Dont "Usually" Hurt. Some people dont get any symptoms!!

Reading Medhelp, If you do get them they seem to be Large and stay Large for a while. Without Meds.

I'm taking the fact Mine were Large only for a few days, Not all at the same time and they Hurt on/off over 3 month period as a "Good" sign.
My Test was Negative, Swollen Glands mean Antibodies WOULD have been present.
Also Ars is not supposed to last 2 months!!!!!!! usually 2 weeks within the 1st month.
Only my Pharyngitis started 2 weeks later, Glands at week 9 to now, wk 27

One dr on thebody says they can be chronically swollen for Life!!! and he's negative and has them

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my swollen glands/nodes or whatever is swollen on my body started appearing after 3 weeks..it was that time only that i started freaking out about hiv...both feet of mine are swollen in the inside..i have got a swollen left armpit..feel like the palm of my right hand is swollen..got like a small node on my right knee..my neck is swollen at some 4 places..both the nodes in my mouth on each side of the cheeks are swollen...before they started swelling ..i had some pain like sensation and afterwards they never pained...upto now i have tested neg for p24 antigen at 5/22/42 days and got a 7 weeks elisa antibody neg test....i hope it goes on like dat for my 3 months testing..i had a high risk..vag unprotected intercouse with an unknown girl..as well as oral taking and giving unprotected...
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i fotgot to add..all the nodes/g;ands are still hanging around my body
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So u guys say that i have a chance of HIV? because i have a pea like Swollen Lymph nodes under my left arm and it hurts?

Do i have a chance of catching hiv?

I had the HIV DUO Test at 15 days post exposure.... was that of no use?
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Any answers?
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Did We Say that?
Everyone Has Pea Sized Glands.
Everyone notices the Superficial Neck (cervical) Ones and Often Confuse them for being Swollen, thats why Only a Dr. in Person Should Assess the Nodes.

It Sounds Like your Nodes are Perfectly Normal

HIV DUO Test at 15 days post exposure....as Baseline Useful but Too Early Really.
Usually 28 days is best for DUO

From Shagging via Handjob (i.e. Not even Vaginal intercourse)
You Had No Risk anyway

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you certainly didn't have any hiv risk from the encounter you described. The swollen lymph u have, if indeed it is swollen, may indicate a problem, but it ain't hiv. You may want to get it checked nevertheless.
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According to some Doctors here in India... A HIV DUO TEST is fine after around 10 days post exposure and some say 2 weeks....

i had mine at 15 days....

any answers?
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Man...have a duo at 3 weeks...if u still have depression ..spend some more money at 6 weeks with an antibody....if ur still depressed and have got more money..have an antibody test at 3 months...then go and have a butter chicken with ur wife followed by a lassi..cheers..
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Hi bhai

Do u think i am at any risk?
pls tell me SERIOUSLY....

what abt my pea like swelling under my left arm?

it has almost healed....now... it was there for like 5-6 days....

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Ur not at risk my friend...i am at risk..not u...whatever i say here wont change ur mind..only a test will..so get tested..i have plenty of symptoms too...
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Davean is right. No amount of assurance from anyone on these forums will fully convince you that you didn't have a risk so therefore no chance of acquiring hiv. So really didn't have a risk. But so that your doubts will all be cleared go get a conclusive 3 months antibody test.
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thanks sooooo much for posting "your experience" one more time.   it really makes me all hot inside...lol...NOT.   good thing the room was "chilled"...that really makes a big difference.

a few questions raj...SERIOUSLY.

do you have psychiatrists in india?
do you understand these two words..."no risk"?
did you really...in a post above...ask, "do i have a chance of catching HIV"?

if you were at risk raj...i could truly understand your questions, fears, and concerns...i would feel the same way too.   there is no way...absolutely NO way...that you cannot understand that your "situation" posed no risk.  come on raj...what's the deal?  are you for real or just someone who has a little too much time on their hands who likes to play mind games?
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Hi everyone...

Today is the 25th Day after my exposure and when i woke up in the morning....i felt a lil pain under my left arm .... (please rem that the pea sized lump had there ...had healed just a day back)

and today i noticed another pea sized lump and when i touched it....it pained a lot....its in a different place now but under the same ....left hand.

i dunt know whts happening with me and my body :( *cry

i have had a Hiv Duo test today... (P24 antigen + Hiv Antibody test) ........will receive the results tom morning hopefully.... hope all's well...

i am very scared i dunno how do i pass the night ....

do swollen lymph nodes pain??
i just have one pea sized lump under my left hand....and it pains....

is it true that swollen lymph node are there all over the body...if one is infected with HIV and there are other symptoms present too like high fever...rash etc...

pls answer...
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Are you still here? I thought you would be in bed with medications.why don't you go to one of thos brothels and get your load off? and pick something else again?

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Hi AuS Guy

u seem to be knowledgeble abt Hiv.

please answer my question...Thank you for ur help

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Noone has ever contracted HIV from hand genital contact, regardless of cuts, vaginal secretions on fingers. It just doesnt happen. So there is no way you got HIV that way.

Never, ever, ever. You DON'T have HIV based on this exposure.

Plus, I think you are right, I think the duo test would have been positive by 15 days. Your doctor already told you this. Here they also say they are effective by 15 days.

You're fine, stop worrying.
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The Results were supposed to come today... but i dunno whats happened...they were supposed to come today morning...but didnt come ...i called in the eve also and they said the results will come tom morning i.e 19th Sept.

The place where i got myself tested...the lady there told that many reports that shud have come havent come and so not to worry...

i really dunt know what to do... how the hell will i pass tonight.... i am too scared and almost dead...

Please help.... God!!
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You're fine. I think you may need to seek counselling though.

God Bless.
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kya bhai, kyun itna ghabrata hai.
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