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Mouth sores and deepthorating..

is it true that deepthroating increases the risk of hiv infection?

About Acute hiv symptoms it says any of the following symptoms..
Does it mean at least one can occur?

I have a mouth sore.. and that only for the moment,,,
Do these symptoms appear one by one or at the same time.
kindly grant me your knowledge i'm just a 20 year old discovering more about sex and i' m afraid.
It's because i had unprotected oral sex, then protected oral sex, and then unprotected oral sex with a guy (i'm a bisexual)
I got afraid after the anal part because when i removed it, some his feces was sticking to the condom... pls. help me. after that he removed the condom and we proceeded to oral sex where he swallowed some of my cum.
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Unprotected oral sex carries a very negligable risk for acquiring HIV. On this board the concensus is that the risk does not exist because several studies have been conducted in an attempt to link hiv transmission to oral sex and none have been able to do it. The CDC currently estimates the risk of acquiring hiv through a single act of unprotected oral sex to be 1 in 10,000 if the recipient is in fact infected. If you combine that with the fact that your partner likely is not infected, the risk is further decreased. Both doctors on this site's expert forum say they have never seen a case of hiv where they suspected oral sex to be the root of transmission.

There has never been a single study that proves that hiv transmision is increased due to deepthroating, So if your condom did in fact work you have very little to be concerned about. Being that you are a man who has sex with men it is suggested by the experts on this forum that you inquire into your partners hiv status before engaging in sexual behavior. Other than that your risk is negligable or near non existant if the condom was used correctly.

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Better to get tested after 3 months.
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