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Negative Test Results

This is not a question but a post I feel I need to write. Not only for everyone who helped me on here but for people going through what I did. I had a couple encounters with sex workers, protected handjob, protected blowjob and protected sex twice. If you read my posts you can see I have high anxiety and am a hypochondriac. I was 100% sure I was going to have HIV from the protected sex I had. Even though I protected myself it was a year ago and my wife was now pregnant. So I was just going insane. Everyone on here said I had nothing to worry about there was no risk at all. Even my therapist said that, he was getting sick of me and I pay him!!! But today we went to the OBGYN and everything was negative. What a weight off my chest. But looking at it now and talking to my therapist it was all guilt I was feeling I made a huge mistake and it was eating me alive. And the fact it was a sex worker made no difference I can't stress that she was straight up with me said she was clean and always protected herself. But no my brain wouldn't allow me to believe that. But I was wrong and everyone else was right. Needless to say I will never make that mistake again but I am going to stay on here and hopefully help people get through what I did. Thank you everyone who commented on my posts and told me not to worry!!!!!
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The LAST thing you want to do is stick around on an HIV forum, continuing to expose your mind to thoughts of HIV.  Seriously.  Ask your therapist, I'm sure he will tell you the same thing.

Time to get on with life.
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You are right nursegirl. Thank you and everyone else for your help!!!
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Good for you.  I too have had a few no risk encounters(according to this forum) with CSWs in the recent past that I plan on testing for in about 6-7 weeks when the three month mark hits.  I had high anxiety until I started reading post on this site.  

None the less I will probably test just for peace of mind only.
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