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PEP Effectiveness, Side effects and Symptoms


I am on my 6th day of PEP. currently 7 days post exposure. I took it at 31 hours post exposure. Has anyone Had success with a known positive exposure taking pep at this time frame or later? I'm a little concerned about the side effects I'm experiencing and hoping it's not ARS. I have the normal nausea and fatigue but now I just developed a really bad sore throat that comes and goes in the night along with a really bad muscle pain like shooting pains and sometimes pins and needles pain that's tender to the slightest touch in my leg, buttocks and groin. I'm concerned that I could be seroconverting. No fever but sometimes night sweats. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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What was your risk?
Unprotected vaginal sex
Everyone will be different so their experience won't be able to prove anything.
You started it within the recommended first 72 hours.
HIV doctors can't diagnose from symptoms so try to relax and avoid thinking about your throat etc or else see your doctor if you think it is serious.
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It's just crazy because it was a terrible sore throat that developed in the night and now it's just gone. I'm going to try not to look at the symptoms anymore but it is going to be a long hard wait.
You will be able to take a duo test 28 days after your last PEP treatment.
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Ok. Thank you. I actually went to see my primary doctor yesterday because of all the drugs side effects and "symptoms". He told me that ofcourse the presence or absence of symptoms will not be an accurate indicator of my status which I know and I was wrong about my "night sweats" he said I would have actually been sweating. I was just warm. He checked my throat since I said it had been sore in the morning, he said there was no inflammation and none of my lymph nodes were swollen. Interestingly enough, this made me calm down just a little bit and all of a sudden I started to feel better... which leads me to believe that some of my "symptoms" were due to anxiety. Just wanted to give an update. Thanks again.
Try to relax and avoid thinking about it. Quit Googling cold turkey because there is nothing of use there and you will get more anxious the more you hunt through information that has no value.
There is another thread here where a person wanted PEP but the clinic refused, so you might want to read it for info.  "Condom broke with escort in vaginal sex....i am still in PEP window need advice"
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I just finished PEP. Thank God! Never missed a dose although the side effects were rough. I had just about every symptom other than fever but they were all on and off and last for only a day or two. The only persistent symptom was a bad lower back ache. Now that I'm done with PEP, all symptoms have miraculously disappeared. I plan to test in 4 weeks. I am very nervous. Preparing for the worst and hoping for the best. Thanks for your support.
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