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Pls advise on the way forward...

I am living in the UAE as an expatriate, I moved here 5months ago through a job transfer. After arriving here I did not conduct any sexual intercourse with anyone, to be precise the last time I had sex was on Dec 4th 2006. I was tested in mid-May 2007 for HIV, so as to gain employment status in the UAE.  The test showed HIV negative.
I kinda promised myself never to do it again until i meet the right woman.
Anyway, on July 17th, I met this lady at the new coffee place in the neighbourhood. I invited her to the office in the evening and we had sex. I would give you a bit of detail here, we snogged for a while like 5-10 mins, where I am sure skin in my mouth broke. Secondly, after the top foreplay I went below and licked her vagina while fingering her for another 10mins, i tried not to swallow anything but i am not sure if i succeeded. Immediately after that i put my penis inside her, but it had been 7 months and in less than 30 secs i ejaculated inside her. I had condoms in my pockets but in the heat of the moment i just did not wear protection. I have never had unprotected sex before.
Another issue i would inform you is that she had been in the UAE for a while, like 7 months, though, she received her employment/residence status in March or April, she must have been tested and been negative. That is also something that made me do it unprotected. I know it is stupid. I have been worried sick since then. She wanted to do it, but i was so overwhelmed by what i did that i just called it off.
I am really worried, i would like to know the chances of contracting HIV in this scenario; as well as anything i can do now to prevent HIV infection , incase, i hope not, i did get infected. 'Kill it while it is still young'.
Also, any other signs I might wanna watch out for. I have this feverish pain around a week after the intercourse(since yesterday), sore throat and a slight burn in penis. Could it be bacterial infection from licking her genitals? Or something more? The fever and sore throat has gone down slowly but i am still worried. Am also kinda weird about this stuff that i might imagine my penis is burning but it is not, u know psychologically i feel like i have it or some other Venereal disease. TOday is the 10th day since I had sex.
Pls advise on the best way. Also note, in the UAE, if u r diagnosed with HIV, they deport you immediately. Doctors are supposed to report all cases imediately to the police/immigration. Therefore, I have basically no medical experts to turn to here, until i get my leave in November.

Thanking you, Yaz.
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The odds of you being infected are in the 1-in-a-million range.
I would forget about HIV.
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You had unprotected sex, it is up to you to protect your own health. If you test positive for HIV being deported will be the least of your problems. Also test for STDs.. Unless you are in a monogamist relationship, always use condoms. HIV and STDs are not a guessing game.
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