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Preformed Unsafe Oral on HIV+ Guy

Last week in San Fran I went to a bathhouse for the first time.  I am 27 and I just wanted to go see what it was all about.  A few hours later I found myself sitting in the steam room with hot guys all around me performing oral and jerking each other off.  Before I knew it my mouth was around some guys penis and he was thrusting.  I got up and left the room because that is not what I wanted to happen (me involved).  He followed me out and asked me why I left in such a hurry and I told him that I didn't want to get involved in any unsafe activities.  He then told me that he was HIV + and had a high viral count and thought he should tell me becasue I seemed a little concerned.  The rest of the story is not so important but I am extremely worried about my exposure to HIV.  Especially since that just a few hours prior I brushed my teeth and had slight bleeding (I think I was a little too excited about going to the bath house) and after I got back to my hotel my gums bleed again after brushing.  Has anyone else experienced anything like this.  I can't sleep or think about anything else I am so worried.
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The first of your story wasn't important dumbo, let alone the last.
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I'm not sure if I understand your story clearly.  You got up and left, then he followed you only to tell you that he had high viral load?  That sounds just insanely crazy man.

But anyway, you left and you did a good thing by avoiding the situation.  Oral isn't a risk to begin with.  You're safe. :-)
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Good evening all,

I have done my best to stay away from the forum for a few days. My problem is I am now going out of town for a few days and found it very difficult to leave my family. I have this bad feeling that I do not have much time left with them and every time I look at by daughters I almost lose it and break down crying.

I know everyone has told me I did not have a risk from a girl spitting her drink directly from her mouth into mine, and I even found an identical situation where Dr Bob on thebody said no risk, but I am really having a hard time.

Sorry to bother you guys again, but any words of encourage would be helpful as I am really struggling to keep it under control.

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Well, putting aside the likely possibility that the gentleman in question was having a bit of cruel fun at your expense, the scenario that you described does not indicate that you were at risk for contracting HIV. The simple fact of the matter is that HIV does not really seem to be passed with oral/genital contact. If it did happen, it would be an extreme statistical outlier and would be fairly big news.

Studies conducted that involved serodiscordant couples (one is HIV positive, the other HIV negative), who have protected anal/vaginal sex and unprotected oral sex, have shown no cases of HIV transmission (out of thousands of incidents of unprotected oral sex). Any risk associated with oral sex is theoretical only. Why? Because, it just doesn't seem to happen.

So, all of this is to say that you really don't have anything to worry about here (yes, even after the vigorous brushing!). I know, you went through a bit of a shock, but understand that you did not catch HIV from this incident. If, in the future oral sex continues to worry you, by all means, wear a condom and ask your partners to wear a condom, just for peace of mind. In any event, you should always have a condom with you in situations such as these, just in case.
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good shot dumbo.finally lived up to your childhood ambitions huh?
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I am a good person with what I believe is a valid concern.  I don't understand why some of you have to be jack asses calling me dumbo.  If a question is below you then don't comment.  
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Are you guys/girls serious??  LMAO.....Its an obvious troll (funny one though), but not by me.....lol
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Just curious, but why is this an obvious troll? If it is, I, in fact, do not have a keen grasp of the obvious. Maybe I am just tired. Or I could be stupid. Hmmmm, tough one...
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