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Risk of HIV from oral with blood

Two weeks ago, I had unprotected oral sex with a CSW (She gave me a blow job) for about 15-20 minutes. Then I used a condom and had vaginal sex. The condom did not break for sure as both me and her checked it after. After the blowjob, i happened to catch a glimpse of her tongue and it looked like she had some cuts on it...I did not see any blood on my penis after the blowjob - also i asked her to constantly spit while was giving me the blowjob and I did not see any blood in the saliva either. Even though the blood wasn't visible and I only saw red cuts on her tongue, I am not sure if the blood would have entered my urethra when she was giving the blowjob through the cuts on her tongue.

Went for testing for the above mentioned exposure as I wasn't sure about the possibility of bleeding gums. It was HIV 1 RNA test at 14 days after exposure and the result came as negative - Target not detected.

Is this a fairly good indicator that I am not infected. I will do follow-up tests, but today is only 3 weeks and from what I read I need to wait another 9-10 weeks to be absolutely sure - just for peace of mind, how accurate are the RNA tests even though they are not conclusive. Was my exposure risky?

Thanks in advance.
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Good news, you have zero risk for HIV. You wasted your time testing.

You can't get HIV if you used a latex condom during vaginal.
HIV is instantly inactivated in saliva and it is also inactivated in air which means it can't infect from oral which includes kissing. So those are 2 reasons you had zero risk. Double zero risk.
No one in 40 years of history got HIV from oral.  Even with blood, lactation cuts, rashes, burns etc saliva and air do not allow inactivated virus to infect, so you had zero risk.

There is an std forum you can get std answers on, including the fact condoms do not protect against all std.
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Thanks for your time to answer and it gives me some relief. The reason I tested was that oral sex when blood is involved seems to be thought of as a potential exposure. The fact that I saw cuts on her tongue after the oral sex is what is freaking me out. Is this zero risk because I couldn't see the blood?

Thanks also for pointing me to the std forum.
No one here says that so you are mixing up your information sources with ones we don't care about.
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This is not a realistic concern. Just because she is a csw doesn't mean that she wouldn't be very alarmed if she tasted any bleeding in her own mouth while she was giving a bj to a john. She, like any normal person, would've  stopped right away to figure out what was going on. Obviously no blood and you're just being paranoid.

Regardless, it doesn't matter, because oral sex is not considered a risk because of the obvious reasons that the digestive enzymes in saliva render the HIV virus inactive and unable to infect.
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