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Scared & Freaked Out (Asking)

I am working seabased, male (32y.o.) & I took a prostitute in mexico. However, no penetration happened (vaginal or anal), there was oral but I was using condom. I did not do oral onto her. I did not ejaculate during that time as maybe I ws not in the mood or perhaps embarrassed (it won't get hard as I am not used to condoms) so we called it a night. However, 2 days later, I felt something in my testicle then later found that my right testicle was swelling, I had no pain in urinating or ejaculation, fluid discharge, other noticeable abnormalities. I went to a general clinic & had urine & blood test, a urologist was phoned & suggested I might have orchitis. Then they prescribed antibiotics w/ I took. the swelling disappeared after about 10days from taking the meds accompanied with ice pack application. However, It's already been two months and the discomfort is still present kind of ticklish feeling from my right testicle area radiating even down to my right leg w/c disappears after I apply ice packs on my right testicle.

I would like to know if how likely could I contract HIV in my condition. as I've said I am seabased and having lab tests could not be done.

GERD / Gastritis occurred suddenly during this time (already had history as well as family members). I'm not sure if it is related to my condition though.

Thank you for your time in advance.

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I agree that you had no risk for HIV whatsoever from your encounter.  Oral sex is never a risk and you wore a condom during it to top it off.  The only risks for HIV are unprotected vaginal or anal sex with penetration or sharing IV drug needles. So, you were never at risk.  
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Thank u GuitarRox for your response... very much appreciated. Will update this post as soon as i do some lab tests to confirm my condition... thank u very much guys
Oh boy. I'm sorry to say that you must not be listening. You don't need to update us because we already  know the result because you do NOT need to test.  a confirmatory test is not necessary.  No risk. Period.  No test needed.  Period.  
ok then... noted... thank you very much guitar...
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No worries, because you can't get hiv from oral activities. Studies of infected people in an oral sex relationship or who have kissed have proven that the negative partner doesn't get hiv. HIV is effectively instantly dead in air plus also dead in saliva, and the person`s mouth always has those 2 hiv killers in it protecting the negative person from getting hiv via oral activities. Blood and cuts would not be relevant since the hiv has become effectively dead, so you don't have to look for them to be sure that you are safe.
Keep working with the urologist if the orchitis is still a problem because that should have cleared up last month.
You can't get hiv when you used a condom for penetrating vaginal or anal which are the only 2 ways you can get it from sex, so you should not be concerned at all about hiv. You didn't even do either of those 2.
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Thank you very much. Your username suits you well. Your informative response has been very helpful as I was so anxious to search for details regarding HIV. Anyhow, I would definitely visit a urologist & will do tests if necessary as soon as possible.

Again, thank you for your kind time.
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