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Should I be worried

I had unprotected sex 3 weeks ago.  I now have a rash that covers my stomach and chest, with a few splotches on my throat and arms.  Other than the rash, I haven't really had any other symptoms. I did have a slight cold within 5 days of exposure and then 2 weeks in, a slight fever (100F max) and equilibrium issues.  I know a test is needed, but should I worry myself to death while I wait for the 8 week mark.  
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Hi, no you should not be worrying much as its not that easy to contract HIV
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You had a risk. Test at 4-6 weeks and test again to confirm your result at 13 weeks. HIV is spread by unprotected vaginal and anal sex.
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Definitely not HIV. I would go see a dermatologist if it doesn't go away, gets worse.
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