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Should I stop PEP?

I had an exposure with a transexual escort while I was intoxicated. She did frotting against my rectum, I have several fissures that do bleed and hurt frequently. Before she tried to penetrate, I applied lube and pushed in, stupidly enough adding risk as I might had pushed precum inside my rectum. I also performed fellatio on her and she came outside my mouth initially but then continue with part of it in my mouth. About an hour before also did the stupid of flossing, and bled a lot from my gums. About six hours after exposure, I was put on PEP, ER Dr said the fissures and precum from frotting is a real risk especially from a MSM prostitute. I'm on my 6th day and it has not been easy. I have gotten in contact with the escort, she showed me a bottle with her name issued last month of Descovy, she said she is in a Prep plan. She agreed to share the test results of her recent Prep check up, if that comes back negative, should I stop the PEP? I understand there is a risk that she has been contracted during her test window period and prep failed. I would be eternally thankful for your thoughtful advice.
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The advice was clear there are only 3 risks, so there is nothing else that can be "understand your... "

Your situation involves personal contact with an object in air  (frotting, penis, etc. ). You will be happy to learn that you had no risk, because you can't get hiv from personal contact except unprotected penetrating vaginal or anal with a penis, neither of which you did and you didn't share hollow needles to inject with which is the only other way to acquire hiv - there are only 3 ways to get hiv. Analysis of large numbers of infected people over the 40 years of hiv history has proven that people don't get hiv in the way you are worried is a risk.
HIV is a fragile virus in air or saliva and is effectively instantly dead in either air or saliva so the WORST that could happen is dead virus rubbed you, and obviously anything which is dead cannot live again so you are good. Blood and cuts would not be relevant in your situation since the hiv has become effectively dead, so you don't have to worry about them to be sure that you are safe.
There is no reason for a person to test when they are safe. The advice took into consideration that the other person might be positive, so move on and enjoy life instead of thinking about this non-event. hiv prevention is straightforward since there are only 3 ways you can become infected, so next time you wonder if you had a risk, ask yourself this QUESTION. "Did I do any of the 3?" Then after you say "No, I didn't" you will know that it's time to move on back to your happy life.
No one got hiv from what you did during 40 years of hiv history and no one will get it in the next 40 years of your life either.  You can do what you did any time and be safe.

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You do not need pep from what it sounds like. First, pep is a pretty hard medication to tolerate.  Loads of rough side effects and this is why they reserve it for situations of say, your having unprotected sex with someone that is KNOWN to have HIV.  This person uses condoms which is a good sign they protect themselves.

The only risks for HIV are to have unprotected vaginal or anal intercourse or share IV needles for drug injection.  Penetration is required for the unprotected vaginal or anal.  This does not mean pressing against even firmly. It means all the way in. You'd know it, you'd feel it and it's not a 'maybe' situation.  did this happen?  

Otherwise, frottage or rubbing penis against your rectum is NOT  risk. Giving oral sex or receiving oral sex is NOT a risk.  Air and saliva inactivate the virus.  
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I asked the doctor about my fear of precum on my fissures, his response was slightly different. He said HIV in air inactives but not instantly, it takes minutes to even hours depending on the HIV load. Isn't there the possibility that precum with active virus went inside rectum or was pushed in with the lube or condom? She tried right immediately after the frottage. Also, the frottage included she pushing in several times (without a condom) but there was no apparent penetration. She couldn't later with the condom, I stopped since it hurt too much from the fissures/never did anal. All these lasted probably less than 10 minutes.
We are guided here by doctors that are experts in the field of HIV.  I've given you the only answer you will get from this forum which is moderated for accuracy.  NO RISK.
Unless you had penetration but you can not ask US about that.  You have to decide if there was actual penetration.  But pep is not warranted regardless. There is less than a 1 percent risk of transmission from a single sexual encounter. low risk, ,too low for PEP
I do appreciate your responses, I am not claiming you are wrong, I want to understand your side and the hospital Dr... During the frottage there was pressure but not penetration. Later with condom we tried but it was too painful, she never got in. So, precum on open anal fissures is zero risk? Also, ejaculation in mouth with flossed bleeding gums an hour before also zero risk ?
I expressed my son.  It requires PENETRATION to be a risk.  But I can't tell you if there was penetration as I was not there. That's for you to decide. But even if there was, you do not need pep as the risk is very low.  You would just need to take a 4th generation duo test at 28 days to confirm you did not get HIV from this.  It's most certainly going to be negative.  However, that you are unsure about penetration makes it most likely it didn't occur in which case you do not need to test. Your rectum is in the air. The penis touching it is in the air. Air WILL inactivate the virus and yes, immediately.  People do not get HIV from touching or everyone would have it.  It doesn't happen. It is well documented how people get HIV. Theoretical risk is not what happens in the real world. And again, we provide information based on what experts in HIV tell us.  Precum on an anal fissure is NOT going to transmit the virus. Ejaculation in mouth is also zero risk. That's it. You'll not get another answer on this forum saying differently than that as the moderation team makes sure information is honest and accurate.
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Correction: [Before she tried to penetrate with a condom, I applied lube and pushed in, stupidly enough adding risk as I might had pushed precum inside my rectum.]
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