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Skin rash on the arm

Just wondering,
My last exposure (which is close to zero according to MD HHH and masterx) was 9-10 days ago. (performing bare cunnilingus and protected vaginal sex)
I just notice I saw a skin rash on my right arm about the size of dime and it has white bump in the middle. (basically the rash is pink and circle (about 270 degree) .
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If you have a concern,  see your dermatologist. It's unrelated to HIV.
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I am being paranoid here.... because I did it with an escort...

is skin rash is kind of a grouping rather than just 1?
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Got it... found a web site saying that skin blotches happen in the later stage.. and I assume I am in the early stage since my test (oraquick) was negative and the previous one before this contact I used condoms on both oral and vaginal (heck I did not even ***) was 2 months + 6 days so I should be ok. and considering this is a low risk, I should not be anxious...
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Everyone thinks they have an ARS rash(I don;t even think there is such a thing) but it never is anything specially from a no risk encounter you describe
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Is that really true cunnilingus is a no risk? Some how I got different perspective from the nurse and other website such as CDC....
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first off do notlisten to the CDC, they will tell you fingering and deep kissing is a risk. People who don't deal with HIV on a regular basislike a nurse or most Dr they think everything is risky.  I once asked my doctor about protected sex and he said "well it's better than nothing but still very risky" so you can only listen to people who know what they are talking about.  I am from Toronto Canada and we have a clinic called the hassle free clinic and they are on the forefront of HIV and have been around since the beginning and they would not even test me when I said I only had Cunnilingus and received a BJ...so trust me.  Listen I am 30 years old and I have feared this disease for 10 years and everytime I have been scared (and there has been many) it was always for a no risk activity (like cunnilingus) and I have let it run my life....try not to let it do to you what it has done to me.  I am in a situation right now that everyone including our public health tells me I had no risk but as many times in my life I cannot just move on, but the only advice I can give to someone like yourself is that life is too short to feel that a disease is chasing you when in fact you are not doing anything that will allow it to catch up to you.  I one day will take my own advice, take of yourself and please for yourself come to terms that you are not going to get HIV this way and that you can move on, take care.
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