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Still worried.

   Please read my first post. http://www.medhelp.org/posts/HIV-Prevention/5-negative-tests-in-3-months-am-I-crazy/show/1450968?personal_page_id=2015984#post_6605511

I got tested again 3.5 months, they took blood this time and my doctor showed my my results, it said Hiv 1 non-reactive hiv 2 non reactive and something about p24 or something.  He told me it meant I was HIV negative, but would like to know what kind of test that is?  Also I have had numbness in my left hand for two days now and a dry cough and my bum is always ichy after I go to the washroom for some strange reason.  I should also mention I have a very small hole in my heart from birth and has bad asthma as a child and was prone to pneumonia, I dont know if that wood affect seiro conversion.  

Thank you for your time.


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Welcome back to the Forum  As you know, Dr. Handsfield and I share the Forum  this time you got me.  FYI, the reason we share the forum is because we have worked together for nearly 30 years and while our verbiage styles vary, we have never disagreed on management strategies or advice to clients.

The p24 antigen is a protein antigen which is part of the HIV virus.  In the very earliest stages of HIV infection, the p24 antigen is sometimes detectable before antibodies to the virus are present.  In your case the result confirms what Dr. Handsfield has already told you, that there is no evidence that you have HIV. It serves to emphasize another point which apparently you have not taken to heart- further testing for HIV is a waste of your time and money.  The tests you have had show that you do not have HIV.  You can test more for as long as you wish.  that will not change the fact that you did not gget HIV from the exposure you described.  

The symptoms you are reporting are meaningless and have nothing to do with HIV or HIV seroconversion.  They could be due to almost anything including anxiety.  The "hole in your heart" is likely to have been with you since birth and is not something you need worry about in terms of HIV.  

Hopefully seeing a health care provider who has proscribed Zoloft also means that you have a health care provider who can help you work through your unwarranted concerns about HIV.  EWH
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Thank you DR.Hook.
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For got to mention, my doctor put me on 100mg of Zoloft per day, 3 weeks ago.  I have also been getting a few mouth sores.

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