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Symptoms....ppl say taht arent common

can some one...list the actaully symptoms that are common with ars! i realize that they are many different symptoms that are also the same as other illnesses but listing the ones that are would be great! like fever...rash...is vomitting? hmmm i donno sore throat! a list would be greatly appreciated! and everyone should keep in mind when readin this not to freak out  but clearly for hiv knowledge!
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HIV has no specific symptoms that  are not related to other illnesses.
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90% of people with true ARS experience symptoms (at least according to the research I have found from several reputable websites).

The symptoms normally all come together and the most common are as follows:

High Fever of 101.5 F or greater (experienced by 96% of ARS sufferers)
Rash that is very faint, does not itch and appears on chest or stomach normally (70% experience)
Sore throat
Swollen lymph nodes (which only a doctor can tell you if they are swollen)
Fatigue/General Malaise
Diarreah (less common symptom)
Loss of appetite/Nausea

Like Teak said, symptoms are not a reliable indictor.

I had all the symptoms and more 3 weeks post exposure but the Dr ran tests on me and said I had Mono. I tested negative for HIV at 3 weeks.
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Thank you Blue...and Teak! as always ur input has helped!
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go take a test, i think u would have a acurate rersult by now since is ur 10 weeks right?
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