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Have you ever seen a case of a female getting HIV from performing oral on a guy?  Is this a risk I should be concerned about?
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Before Teak response, wich you should know, I'll tell you that last studies have seen serodiscordant couples having oral sex wiht ejaculation for years without infection. SO the risk is theorical more than practical.
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I'm just so worried that I am going to be "the one" or that I am "the one"
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The risk is low but not zero, but that's assuming the guy had HIV.  And unless he is an injection drug user or bisexual that is is very very very unlikely.  
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No and I'm talking girls that give bj to guys with HIV.
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Have you seen a lot of cases where people do this?  And none of them get it?  I am just trying to get an idea for how often this happens without people getting it?  Sorry, I just am freaking myself out?
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Yes, I know alot of  couples where the male is poz and the female is not. They use condoms for anal or vaginal sex and not for oral.
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So you think it isn't something to get worked up over?
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No, not at all. Unless you have meth mouth or real poor oral hygene.
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No, I don't.  Just a question out of curiosity - I see your name on here a lot.  How do you have so much knowledge about this stuff?  Thanks for your help
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In June 2002, a study conducted amongst 135 HIV-negative Spanish heterosexuals, who were in a sexual relationship with a person who was HIV-positive, reported that over 19,000 instances of unprotected oral sex had not lead to any cases of HIV transmission.

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If the HIV+ person in the couple was on anti-viral medication would it possibly lower the chance of the partner contracting the virus?
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