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Testing after PEP

Hi to all, today is my last day of PEP. I have posted on here about my situation and was advised that I didn’t have a Risk. Regardless of my non risk situation I’d like to ask some questions that might benefit others as well. I’ve read online that pep can alter HIV test results. Is this true ? I had a visit at Planned Parenthood and was told that it isn’t true. After taking PEP when can I test ? Online it says 4-6 weeks after exposure, is that with PEP or without also how conclusive would that be ? I’ve also read that you can rest at 3 Months, how conclusive would that test be ? Like I said never mind my non-risk this is useful information not just for me but for everyone on the forum. Thanks
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well I guess you ignored us and took pep for no reason.  I'm sorry to hear that. For everyone who takes pep, basically when you finish taking it, you wait the normal window period to test.  So, 28 days after finishing pep, you can take a conclusive 4th generation test.  However, you can test any time and you'll be negative because you actually have to have a risk to get HIV.  You didn't.  
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Your placebo tests can be done anytime, since there are no guidelines for placebo tests. Test as often as you wish if you think it helps with your hiv fixation, however your case is of no use to others on this forum.

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