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I had a test at 5 1/2 weeks after my possible low risk exposure.  I took at 20 min. rapid test.  The person at the clinic told me the test are very sensitive, and would pick up anti bodies within 4-5 weeks at most.  It would be a very rare occurance for it to happen past 6 weeks.  She did tell me that the CDC still does say 13 weeks, so they stick by that in order to maintain consistancy, which makes complete sense.  Does this make sense?
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Would the same apply for the OraSure HIV-1 Oral Fluid Specimen Device Test that takes 1 week for results? Seems like the only difference is that the OraQuick tests for HIV-2 antibodies as well but they're both looking for HIV-1 antibodies. I'd like to know if they're both sensitive or if one is better than the other.
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Yes, it does make sense. Have a look at the following thread...


GM1987. I doubt there is much difference between the Orasure vs Oraquick but I don't know that for sure.
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