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Tongue problem?

Anyone after a possible exposure ever experience strange burning/tingling sensations on the tongue and the sides of it?
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Tell me about it....burning white coated tongue, lump in throat that feels as if something is stuck with couple of white spots which can be partially scraped deep inside the mouth n hope evaporating at the speed of sound.
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Tell me about it....burning white coated tongue, lump in throat that feels as if something is stuck with couple of white spots which can be partially scraped deep inside the mouth n hope evaporating at the speed of sound.
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oh yes, the burning nd the tingling. i even woke up yesterday with swollen gums
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Dear None,

Please try and relax.  As it was said before symptoms are never a way to diagnose a possible HIV transmission.  Anyhow a burning / tingling sensation is not a symptom of early infection and what you are experiencing is most surely due to anxiety.  Furthermore, considering the unquantifiable small risk you have taken, one that is more theoretical than actual, you have as close as a 0% risk of getting HIV.
There have been some long term sero-discordant studies where couples used latex condoms for vaginal / anal sex and nothing for oral sex, cunnilingus and fellatio (+10 year period) and NOT ONE of the HIV negative partner tested positive, not one.

The mouth is an inhospitable environement for HIV and it has been showed that saliva does contains molecules that inhibit the virus.
Your risk is even further decreased by the fact that you did not take semen in your mouth and I also assume that you do not have mouth problems, i.e. gengivitis and that your gums were not bleeding profusely (like when you get punched) at the time of the incident.

I would say that you have more chances of winning the lottery this week end and being hit by a meteorite, right after having been struck by lighting rather than having contracted HIV, really.

Most of us here know precisely what you are going through and that anxiety can take control over your rational thought process.  If you are past 20 days since exposure and can't stand the wait any longer, go and speak to your Dr. so that he can order a series of tests that will give you a good indication of your status (PCR, P24 ect) that you will then be able to confirm at the 6 weeks mark.  It is very hard to make that step, but it is necessary to calm your anxiety but trust what you read here (especially responses by the good Dr. H for similar situations) and everything will be fine.

I continue to urge you to stop surfing the web for possible symptoms because you will only read and remember what scare you.  Please stick to this site or the forums at Aidsmeds http://forums.poz.com/index.php?board=1.0.  This is where you will find reliable and accurate information given by people who really know what they are about.

I would like to continue reading this forum until you come back with your negative result.  I hope this helps and that you are able to find some support here, as much of it is possible to receive through an impersonal forum.  

Relax, everything will be fine !

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I did also have a burning tongue but if you read up on the causes of it there is actually none known and it is thought that it is something that is in the mind Example: Anxiety!
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I know it sounds ridiculous but has anyone ever felt(feels) "a click" (sorry for lack of choice of better words) at adam's apple when trying to swallow air??
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Been_there, thanks again for your reassuring words.  I fluctuate throughout the day, at times I am very relaxed and this slips my mind but at other times I am fear stricken.  All I can think about is how I really was sick 2 weeks after exposure and hardly got out of bed for a few days unable to eat.  I just truly hope that was a result of the possible food poisoning incident.  I do realize that many people have no symptoms at all which is also scary, but I guess since I had very strong ones that makes it hard for me to come up with a legitimate cause other than ARS.  But you're right I did have an extremely low risk exposure.  And I go to the dentist every 6 months so my mouth is quite healthy.  I know the odds are definitely in my favor but I guess part of me wants to try and prepare myself for bad news, which hopefully I will not get!  Those studies you mentioned do help, I have read on many forums about personal accounts of people repeatedly performing oral sex and swallowing semen on positive boyfriends while never obtaining the virus.  That is definitely reassuring!  Testing is coming up soon so I greatly appreciate all of the comfort I get here!  Thanks to you all
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I have a problem with tongue too. My toungue are white and red dot on it, im so scare and sad. Can anyone tell me what happen to my tounge?
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I have a white coated/hairy tongue, looks very rough, and lump/tightness in my throat all the while.
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Relax everyone.  Your tongue is supposed to have a white middle kinda like a little carpet looking thing.  And as for the red bumps, Those are your tastebuds.  There are a few types, ranging from all different sizes.  Larger towards the back of your mouth.  And did you also know that all of them do a different job?  One tastes sweet, sour, salty and bitter.  The only thing I can say that's good that came out of my risky situation is that I've learned A LOT about the body, since I google everything because I think I have something wrong and all of a sudden think its ARS. I just have to start believing my 4 month negative result and move on...theres no changing the past...
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I am FREAKED out too!  I performed receptive oral sex on a guy about 6 weeks ago.  I did swallow.  then about 2 weeks later i was feeling nausea in the morning and automatically thoguht HIV infection.  I researched it on the web and i had ever symptom under the sun.  I had diarrehea, loss of appetite, tired all the time.  And now I have a white coated tongue and dry mouth.  it has to be HIV.  I am so scared.  i don't even know what to do.  I need to get tested but i am scared of the results.  I don't sleep at night unless i get drunk and pass out because I am so scared.  Any advice other than get tested?  i knwo I need to do that, but does this sound like HIV to you guys?  I can't believe it, I get HIV after my first oral experience!!!!!!  HELP!
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Coated tongue Etc etc etc etc is not a reliable sign of HIV all symptoms youve been worriend about or which you google on the internet are not a reliable source for diagnosing HIV. only a test could determine your real Status. so please RELAX !.

according to CDC average seroconversion for people to test + is 22 days so most people will test positive on 4 - 6 weeks after infection.

seroconvertion ( for the benefit of those who dont understand ) is the period when a person exposed to the virus  turn positive. if you tested negative on the 6th to  8th week your are pretty much almost
out the woods but needs to be confirmed on the 13 week for absolute conclusion

HIV Testing Guidelines

4 weeks  -
6 - 8 week - Good sign but not conclusive
12 - 13 week - Conclusive

Try to Relax because most of symptoms are driven by anxiety.

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thanks for mentioning the taste buds on the back of tongue. but are they actually that big that can be seen very clearly? cuz i have some as you said on the rear of my tongue but there is no pain. when i saw them this morning i was teerified to death!
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I never recommend that people do this, but even a cursory google search reveals...

Strawberry Tongue - as it is refered to when the taste buds swell so they can be seen clearly - can be a sign of several infections, including Scarlet Fever and Kawasaki Disease!  The first is common enough and mostly afflicts children, but can be found in adults too.  The second almost exclusively effects children, though adults can get it, if rarely.

What it is not a common symptom of is HIV.

Symptoms count for nothing.  Get tested at 3 months if you're worried, but until then try to get on with life.  And be careful.

Take care.
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What you described is not related to ARS
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well iam afraid but iam trying to get along with my life..it has been exactly 3 weeks since my last exposure and there are 3 weeks left..i am trying to notice any severe or new changes in my body that i have not experienced before. the "taste buds" was one of them..i was so amazed by the number and the size of them. they are 8 in total and can be clearly seen..i freaked out..but after reading several threads on this forum and look into my case i have no rash no fever no nothing extraordinary..except for the tongue problem and some dizziness during the day.

but really guys..condom failure and exposure to vaginal fluids for 10 seconds maximum is considered low or high risk?
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I dont really know.  Sorry.  I dont think the duration of the exposure is taken into account by the medical profession who see exposure as exposure, period.  They would be in remiss if they didn't, wouldn't they?

However, I am not a doctor. I suggest you talk to one if you have a worry.  Or an HIV counselor who has been doing this a while.

In terms of symptoms - Fever is overwhelmingly often the first symptom you get, followed by swollen lymph nodes etc.  But look, as people keep saying, symptoms are not a reliable guide to diagnosing HIV.

Be patient.  Be sensible and careful.  Try not to stress too much because you're probably fine and HIV really is a very difficult virus to get.  

Then, take the test.  It's the only way to know.

Take care.
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Thanks man..but I wonder why everyone keeps saying that it is a very difficult virus to get?!?! and especially from woman to man!! is there any scientific proof?
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