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What are my risks of getting HIV after a situation like this ?

One week ago i tried for the first time anal sex with a young guy (he is 21) . The truth is that we were both very drunk and even though we didn't know each other to well we managed to get at my house . We tried anal sex but only for a few seconds because it hurt me really bad . The thing is that while he tried to get it inside me ( he didn't managed to get it all in  ) the condom broke , but he immediately removed it from inside me . I think the entire process of trying to get inside me was like 1 minute and after the condom broke he didn't stood more than 10 seconds in me . Anyhow i performed oral sex to him after that but washed my mouth with water after he finished .
We had the talk about STD's right after the end when i realized that i might have been exposed and he assured me that i have nothing to be afraid because he did the HIV test a few weeks ago and he tested negative .
I am a little bit paranoid now especially because in the following day i saw blood on the toilet paper( it was red so i am pretty sure it was because he tried pretty hard to get it inside me but didn't get to far) and wanted to hear from an expert if you think i need to perform the HIV test and what are my chance that i got HIV ?
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The fact that the condom broke means you did have a risk. However, it seems as though it was brief, and your partner says that his most recent HIV test was negative. Those are both good for you. All in all, it's a risk and you should get tested, but I would not be very worried. The duration was small and your partner was probably not infected with HIV...which would have been required for you to have been exposed.
You can test at 4 weeks with a DUO test for conclusive tests. If that is unavailable in your area, a standard blood drawn HIV test will be 95% accurate at 4 weeks. It HAS to be blood drawn. The oral swabs are not conclusive until 12 weeks. There is some diagnostic value at 4 weeks, but not enough to consider it a final test. It is recommended to follow this(4 week antibody ONLY test) up at 12 weeks with a FINAL antibody test. This last one can be oral or instant.
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Take a p24antigen test and a hiv 1/ hiv 2 antibody test after 28 days. And if both came negative itz conclusive i guess.    Even if u just take the antibody test after 28 days it is 95 percent accurate
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