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What are the chances I have HIV? I think I've had almost all symptoms...

Almost 3 months ago I had unprotected sex like three times, two in the night and one in the morning, and this was in Thailand... Shoot me, please. I was EXTREMELY drunk, like the kind of drunk you get once a year at most. I know this isn't a valid excuse, but it's what I'll go with. We were celebrating and our goal was literally to get as hammered as possible, other than this I don't drink often at all as I take my gym progress and diet very seriously

Anyway, on to the point, she was not a sex worker, she was twice my age though so around 35-45 and she was originally from Bangkok (not a comforting thought) so she might've been a sexworker once for all I know.

The symptoms I got the day after the sex was well then: Sore throat / head colds, diarrhea, however, from what I understood these symptoms came too early to be from HIV. The first day I came home to my homecountry (maybe 6-8 days after we had sex) I woke up in the middle of the night sweating like crazy (never happened in my life before, not in this way) so then obviously I went crazy. This is not what worries me today, though.

Today, or these past 2-3 weeks, closing in on 3 months after the sex, I've had almost all symptoms possible it feels like.

I've been extremely fatigued/tired/exhausted these few weeks. Like I can literally sleep for 12 hours, wake up and be awake 2 hours then I can literally lie down and sleep 6-8 hours more if I have to. When I sleep at night I also wake up like 5-6 times just to turn around, and I'm known by my friends to sleep like a rock (No, I'm not depressed and I've never had this problem before).

This last week I got a sore throat, extreme headache (and I think fever, but I never took my temperature), and a swollen lymphnode under my jaw. I also have had a tingling feeling in my hands several times, especially when I lie down with my hands under the pillow (though this could also be caused by the beta-alanin I'm taking while working out, since it's a know side-effect, but I don't believe that's why considering I've had all other HIV symptoms).

I should also add that I haven't tested for any other STDs since I had sex there, mainly because I'm scared of finding out I have HIV and also because I'm too lazy to go test myself twice, since in a little less than two weeks I can do the 3 months test.

I know that you guys can't determine wether or not I have HIV, only a test. I'm just interested in how big the chances are that I actually have it, or some positive words :[
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We don't play the numbers game on this forum.
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Yeah, obviously, but if we're talking percentage?
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Your chance? A lot higher than it would have been had you used a condom.
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