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What makes oral safe?

Hello,I was wondering when you ask anyone about getting HIV from a BJ everyone says NO,BUT my question is what happens if it is dark and there was a bit of blood that you did not see?.  When I phone are AIDS hotline here in toronto canada I ask them about receiving a BJ from a CSW in Asia and there response is NO RISK for HIV but possibly other STD's yet Dr HHH says Clymidia is never cought by receiving a BJ yet my hotline says I should get checked for Clymidia and gonnera.  Who do we beleive?  
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The only time you could be at risk for HIV transmission during oral is if there are gaping, open wounds in your mouth that are fresh. This does not include gingitivis or minor dental work (which everyone has).

There is a risk of contracting throat gonnoreah and other STD's via oral sex. HIV is not a risk.
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Thanks,  does this mean receiving as well?  Also I noticed you tested negative...congrads!!,  I am going to get tested for my own piece of mine...what would you suggest as far as when?...in canada where I am from they all say 3months BUT they also say most people test positive within 6 weeks.  I noticed you said seattle says 4 weeks?
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there is absolutely no risk in receiving oral sex.
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CDC says 3 months to protect themselves against lawsuits. The only people who test positive later than 6 weeks are people with horrible immune systems caused by diseases like cancer.

Public Health for Seattle told me they tell people if they test negative at 4 weeks 99.9% chance it wont change if they test again at a later date.
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Thanks again,

Well that isawesome!!, i think i will go in at 4 weeks for my own reassurance.  I think I hate is in toronto we only have one clinic that offers rapid test.  In the US is there alot of sites where you can go to get a rapid test and if so is it cofidential?.  Also I go to Asia alot for work and in Hng Kong they sell rapid test over the counter! wierd, but the test that are sold there are from a company in Canada that is a top notch rapid test maker! but I was worried to get one just in case it is all in chinese!!
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