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Worried if I am infected with HIV? Should I get tested?

I visited CSW about 10 days ago in US. I had protected sex. But the CSW looked she was ill and not healthy. But a week later, I had slight fever, body aches and bitter mouth. It's been like this for the past one week. Still feel very weak, feverish and easily exhausted. Should I be concerned about HIV and get tested?
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Protected sex is not a risk if the condom dint failed,there fore theres no need to test at all.
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Condom did not fail as far as I can recall. But I am not sure, but do my symptoms show any signs of initial HIV infection?
If a condom fails, it is a large rip down the seam, so that didn't happen and you need to move on.
Your symptoms are in your imagination from fear. Considering that you are even afraid that the appearance of the csw is a factor, so you are overly anxious about your episode and are trying to mix in irrelevant facts to make your 'diagnosis".
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