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There are some videos on YouTube under Aidsvideos that will explain a lot of things regarding hiv / aids for those who are interested. Dr.Kuhn and other physicians who treat hiv / aids infected individuals. The cover transmission / symptoms / treatment / they even have stories from people that are infected telling how it had impacted their lives ect...
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A lot of Dr Kuhn's videos on YouTube are out dated.
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You told me HIV doesn't cause coughing, but one of those Vids apparently said HIV would cause coughing.
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Coughing has nothing to do with early infection of HIV. That's what you were told. You can watch all the videos you want it's not going to change the fact that you are not at risk for HIV.
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My cough came on 4 months after my encounter, I'm not in the best of shape. I may have advanced HIV by that time.
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Do you even know what Advance HIV means? There is no way possible for you to have Advance HIV in 4 months let alone several years.
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I must admit I don't know a lot about such things, which is why I'm even more screwed if I do have it.
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You think she's out dated man? When did they take coughing off the checklist? So coughing is only when people arrive at the later stages of hiv infection? Besides the coughing part, where else did you disagree with her? That's where i got some of my info on last week when you guys wanted to kill me because of the things i was saying about oral sex...was that it?
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Just trying to help man...
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You're not trying to help, you are looking for things to fuel your unwarranted worries.
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UMMMHMMM.......They are just video made by a hiv specialist / physician to educate people unaware on the potential dangers and ways transmission can occur as well as other information hiv / aids based, but okay...the thing about you is that you dismiss everything, when you do this it leaves people in doubt as to how much weight to put behind certain things...oh well.
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