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am i hiv positive?

I'm samuel 20yrs old.I gave this girl i know sme oral sex and after sme time i started kissing her and she held my penis attempting to insert it inside her vagina.I didnt have a condom so i played along.as i tried to penetrate her I couldnt manage because my penis was too thick and couldnt fit.ths only lasted for just a few seconds.this is the 6th week after the incident and last week i had been havin headaches bt tht's kinda normal to me.anyway 3days ago i got flu nd nw my bdy is itchy almst evrywhere bt only for a few seconds.i got a rash on my neck and the back of my left shoulder.i asked the girl about it and she tld me she had taken a test afta 5months of having sex with her ex boyfriend and it turned out negative.i want to take an antibody test tomorrow which will be 7weeks afta the incident.i dont know what to do.are thse hiv symptoms?please help before i die fro m anxiety.
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"I gave this girl i know sme oral sex" - not a risk.

"after sme time i started kissing her" - not a risk.

"attempting to insert "; "i tried to penetrate her I couldnt manage" - without penetration there can be no risk.
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i think the tip of penis entered her vagina for a few seconds.so as i tried to push inside it did not fit.can that be a risk.
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just a poke cant transmit the virus,what is required is vigarous rubbing inside the vaginal walls where the virus passes from her fluids into the mucous membrane in the walls of your penis hood or glans,all these require ideal conditions,let alone the cuts or bruise on your penis... SO TELL ME IN WHICH WAY COULD U HAVE CAUGHT THE VIRUS.... You are not infected for sure,but for peace of mind perhaps u may want to take a test.
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the head of my penis was inside for about 30seconds.i took a test today and it turned out negative the doc told me to come back after a month.my body is itchy i dont know whats wrong.i'm just praying that i am negative.
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