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antibodies test

is antiboadies rapid test relaible after 5 months after post expsoure?
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sir immunocomb hiv antiboady test is 3rd
generation test after 5 months can i free from the hiv testing, pls dont mind sir, how accurate 3rd generation antiboady test?
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You were already answered this on your other post. Enough.
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i did talk with cdc live chat
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im did chat with cdc educators
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Please wait for a site op erator to respond. You are number 1 in the queue of 1. The average wait time is 0 minutes and 30 seconds. Thanks for your patience.
Welcome to the CDC National Prevention Information Network. You are now chatting with 'Jack'. How may we help you?
you: hi
Jack: Hello. How may I help you?
you: sir i want to ask about hiv
Jack: Sure.
you: hi sir i am male from panjab, my exposure was vaginal sex with the sex worker and in between condom breaks for 2 to 3 seconds then i changed after that i was in lot of stress i left yhe job for the fear of hiv then i tested proviral dna pcr test after 45 days that was negative for hiv, then 4 tests within 3 months after that after 5 monthhs mark elisa test and immunocomb test for hiv that was negative now docter said you have to test after 1 month, i have white coated toung from 4 months and cough pls reply me sir i want to get marriage, suggest that what i do ?
you: i am from india sir
Jack: According to the CDC, most people will develop detectable antibodies within 2 to 8 weeks (the average is 25 days). Even so, there is a chance that some individuals will take longer to develop detectable antibodies. Therefore, if the initial negative HIV test was conducted within the first 3 months after possible exposure, repeat testing should be considered >3 months after the exposure occurred to account for the possibility of a false-negative result. Ninety-seven percent of persons will develop antibodies in the first 3 months following the time of their infection. In very rare cases, it can take up to 6 months to develop antibodies to HIV.
Jack: This is for antibody testing.
you: ok sir who takes six months?
Jack: Very rare cases.
Jack: You also had a PCR testing. All these tests are very sensitive tests.
Jack: Many people who are infected with hiv do not have any symptoms at all for 10 years or more.
you: can pcr test after 45 days detect the virus?
Jack: I suggest that you visit your doctor, only he/she can determine what is causing your cough.
you: and about hiv sir?
Jack: Yes, PCR will detect the virus after 9-11 days.
Jack: I beg your pardon? Would you please clarify what you mean by "and about hiv?"
you: my hiv test after 5 months negative sir
Jack: if your results were negative, then you are negative.
you: who takes 6 months sir?
Jack: CDC does not specify who can take 6 months, but it is very rare.
you: can stress or other multiple vireses delay the hiv window period from 3 months?
Jack: and that is for antibody testing. You have also taken a viral load which takes 9 to 11 days.
Jack: CDC does not provide information on stress in relation to hiv testing.
you: it was not viral load test sir tat was qualitative pcr proviral test sir
Jack: Your symptoms can be realted to something else. I suggest that you contact your doctor.
you: proviral dna test
Jack: The following CDC web page may be helpful for you
Jack: To learn more about rapid tests, please visit
you: ok thank sir
Jack: You are welcome. Is there anything else I could assist you with?
you: no thanks sir god bless u sir
Jack: You are welcome. Take care.
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pls tell me now
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Didn't the person Jack from the CDC tell you that you are negative...yes he did. He also told you that your symptoms are related to something else.
3 months is conclusive, thats all the more that we can do for you, you were here yesterday with different nicks blowing up the forum and that answers will not change. Your test is conclusive and you do not have HIV accept it and move on...
FYI the reason that the CDC can't give you an explanation as to why it may take up to 6 months is because they don't have one!
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hi any body reply
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u said 6 months takes thoses persons who have immune systom weak due to chemeotheripy or iv injector or drug users etc, but he said only rare cases , what its mean?
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my last question can hiv window period more than six months?
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i will chat after 6 months now, please pray for me
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