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bleeding back

Hello everybody, Please i would need some help as i am very worried at the moment.

I am a gay male, i am not out yet. I have a very bad skin condition, severe eczema/dermatitis. my body bleeds sometimes depending on the day or how much i touch or scratch my eczema or skin. I abstain from all kinds of sex because i feel my skin can catch some infection so i basically do not let anyone touch me nor do i touch anyone. sometimes my pillows have some blood dots, sometimes my t-shirts.. so i know for a fact that my skin bleeds and stops, and bleeds again during the day from my clothes, bed sheets etc.

Yesterday i went to a bath house (gay sauna). I met this guy, we basically hugged/ cuddled/ on top of each other in bed for a good 30 minutes. at some point he realized that my back was bleeding a bit, basically some eczema where open and bleeding. what is worrying me a lot and im still awake from yesterday cant stop thinking is that his precum, what if some of his precum got into one of those bleeding patches. his hands were on his penis on my back on my head every where.. so what if some of his precum on his fingers got into one of those bleeding patches. i know his fingers where wet and sticky as  felt it when he was touching me all over so im scared as he was touching me with his wet sticky fingers(pre cum), some of that precum came in contact with my bleeding eczema, and i contracted the virus. I could not see exactly what was happening(being in the moment), but when he was pre cumming his penis touched my thigh and stomach so what if the precum from his penis tip directly went into a bleeding eczema patch or just a dry but open eczema patch.

I know he has unprotected sex with some guys. so im worried about HIV transmission.

Please help me out and tell what I should do now. How risky is my situation.

Thanks so much for the help.

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Guys please someone answer me when you can I am really scared... what if the precum from his penis tip directly went into a BLEEDING eczema patch.. my eczemas do actually bleed always. i appreciate your help.
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Please someone help sorry for the consecutive comments. but what if when i was sleeping on top of him his precum got into my bleeding eczema on my thigh, (My thigh on top of his penis) like this is body on body (sorry for the details) there is minimal contact with air. since they say virus starts to die when in contact with air. Please someone answer when you read this.
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