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developer solution?!

Dear Drs., I have tested for HIV with a home-test kit and it turned out to be negative.
However, during the procedure I think the 'developer solution'(buffer sloution?) have touched my finger-pricked area.
I am worried this might be bad for me. Will I be okay if the 'developer solution' had entered into my body through the open scar(finger prick hole from the needle)?
Thank you for reading this!
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You cannot get HIV from a test or any of it's components, if that's what you're asking.  A small drop of the solution going into a little skin opening will not harm you in any way.
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I know I am being a pain in the *** but, just to be clear, is it true that HIV virus cannot survive  outside human body- thus not in the solutions? (becase I heard the virus, it needs protein in order to survive)
The fact that I do not know for sure the test kit and the solution are in any ways 'virus-free,' I am getting this irrational fears that the developer solution might have been contaminated with HIV.
I guess this is just crazy talks and I should not worry about those kind of possibilities right? :)
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Thank you for your comment :)
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