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hiv symptoms?

Visited a massage parlor 11 weeks ago.  The sex worker slid my penis inside her vagina once then i pushed her off, i was wearing condom.  She performed oral sex on me while wearing a condom, but also sucked on my scrotom for some time.  I shave my scrotom so there may have been cuts there.  I also recieved unprotected handjob.  I have HPV.  

I have not had any real smptoms other then weight loss, mainly due to exercise i think, but it is 6kgs, i had a head cold for two days around 2 weeks after.  I have bloodshot eyes that are slightly yellow.  

My girlfreind has however had bad stomach cramps, loss of appetite, headache, bloodshot eyes, nausea, fatigue, and has just started getting diarreha, these symptoms other than the stomach cramps have only appeared in the last two weeks.

What was my chance of catching HIV?

Do these symptoms sound serious?

I have had a test done for hiv and results are back in 6 days.

Help please?
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My girlfriend also has a fever, that comes and goes mainly in midafternoon, night, as do i.
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0%. Protected blow job = 0 risk, vaginal sex that was protected = 0 risk, and handjob 0 risk even without protection (which you had anyway). Even if your scrotum had cuts its 0 risk, saliva wont transmit the  virus.

As for your symtpoms, if you are concerned see a doctor, but it aint HIV.

Have a nice day :).
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