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hiv testing/false negative

Hi, i would like to know what
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You were never at a risk,you don't have HIV, her Negative at the 60th day clearly indicates that she didn't have HIV too

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....false negative - not possible !
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Thank you very much doc, knowing that really makes me feel very relieved.
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95% of people exposed to HIV produce the antibody within 6 months, the rest produce the antibody within 12 months. When tested for HIV, the test looks for the antibody that is produced. The mean time for a person to produce an immune response, that is produce the antibody is 2.4 months. IT IS POSSIBLE to get false negatives, mainly cause by testing before the window period, that is 2.4 months, or if there is a mix up in the laboratory or if the HIV is a variant, of Group-O, which some commercial tests do not pick up. I would suggest you get tested at 3 months and 12 months and also request a western blot or PCR.
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madscientitst is a complete troll and he doesnt know what he is talking about, you DO NOT  need to test after a negative at 3 months, you certainly DO NOT need to wait untill 12 months. The mean time to produce antobodies is actually about 22 days. not 2.4 months, and you do not need a PCR or western Blot.

Please disregard everything he said.

You don't have HIV and oral is 0% risk.

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I have recently had a test and they had get i think 3 times of my blood. and turn to positive in HIV. is there anyway to confirmed? that it will be negative? and what would be the suggestive herbal medicines, becouse i cant aford the antiviral drugs.. pls help me
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Hi jugger,

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