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is any one suffering like me ?

Description of Incident

I was exposed to possible HIV infection in 2 Nov 2006.

That I was bed with a prostitute, on that date she was suffering from fever. I am sure she might be infected with HIV.  But since things were in mind I used double condoms and only rubbed my penis tip in her vagina.

But I had little injury in internal penis skin. I do not know if this has been caused due to insertion of condom to a non erectile penis or twice fast masturbation that I had done 3 hours before.

However since then I felt guilty and suffered from depression as though probably I had been infected. I developed many symptoms like breathlessness/ fast breathing, sweating of palms/foots next day onwards.

I got my first testing of HIV after 14 months by HIV-Biome Tridot Kit on 16 Jan 2008.It was NEGATIVE. The test was conducted in a private hospital in Bhubaneswar.

But I thought the test may be wrong.

Again I got my 2nd test after 22 months on 21 September 2008 for HIV-1 & HIV-2 Antibody and pb-24 antigen test which was also NEGATIVE.
The sample was collected by Dr Lal Franchise in Bhubaneswar and test was conducted in Dr Lal Lab in New Delhi.

But my CD4 count was 5 less than normal reference of 440. It was 435.Rest CD counts were fairly normal. I did CD4 test to just check my immunity status as I was suffering from cold etc always.

Again I went for 3rd test after 30 months for western blot test and CD4 counts. It was Normal. Here absolute CD4 with lymphonide count was more than 600. The sample was collected by SRL Ranbaxy Franchise in Bhubaneswar and test was conducted in SRL Ranbaxy Lab in Mumbai.

I completed 3-4 years of possible exposure (No any other possible exposure in between).

Medical History

I had suffered from TB in 1993 – 95. I was under medication for nearly one year and fully recovered.

Why Apprehensions

1. I noticed a minor skin rupture in below the red part the penis next day morning. I
do not know how it came. I do not know if this has been caused due to insertion
of condom to a non erectile penis or twice fast masturbation that I had done 3
hours before.
2. I inserted condoms to a non erectile penis which was wet with secretions from penis.

3. I have touched her vulva (outer side of vagina) in my right hand. I do not remember if that was wet. I hold the tip of condom in my right hand and by left hand I just rolled down it to the base of penis.

4. After the final ejaculation I could get hygienic place to wash my penis for minimum 3 hours.

5. I am getting now a lot of clinical symptoms which are matchable with that of HIV.

Present Symptoms

1. Excessive sweating (wet inside shirt) if not in front of A/C. This makes my chest, hands and body cold. This kind of sweating I have never faced in my life and this irritates me much.

2. I also feel some kind of skin irritation like needle pinning with sweating too.

3. There is no significant weight loss, and its normal. Rather I gain some time.

4. Chronic / frequent breathlessness or fast breathing. I feel some kind of cold in my
lungs after lot of sweating. After sweating my entire chest (body) becomes ice cold. I do not know it may be some kind of silent flu which probably I suppress.

5. Sweating is not normal, it is some how abnormal. Even in AC room / vehicle I sweat.

6. Bad smelling mouth, sometimes lot of white coating in my tongue.

7. Very recently (On 20th April 2010) I developed 2/3 lymphonodes in both sides of my jaws.

Why worried and frequent tests

1. I am married and I have told everything to her. We are following safe intercourse since marriage. I do not want she should be infected if I am so. In fact the first test I had done was before marriage only. But now I am getting pressure from my family members for a child.

2. Because of my mental peace, confidence, and symptoms that I am suffering as written above.

3. Because of social stigma attached to this disease, I want to be sure.

Few Other Symptoms I had suffered from in Last four years

1. Sweating in the evening and pinning feelings towards July – September 2007
2. Chronic occasional cough towards end of 2007
3. Flu like symptom in January – February 2008, recovered after taking allegro 180 tablets. Loose motion for 10 days also.
4. Profuse sweating from March 2008 till date. This is followed by ice cooling of body and symptoms of cold.
5. Towards end of 2008 sweating and Ice cooling with pinning sensations
6. Severe head aches in Early 2009.
7. Viral fever in July 2009 for 8 days
8. Excess Sweating in office time with fever like feelings but no temperature rise is found. Body becomes severely cold and sometimes shivers. I also feel a burning skin sensation during this period. My body temp always hovers around 96-98 degree Fahrenheit till 2009 Sept.


1. Am I suffering from HIV?

2. If I go for a test in Government lab in India?

3. If HIV tests conducted in Private Hospital Labs are correct?

4. If I am not HIV positive then why do I suffer the symptoms mentioned and why did I suffer the symptoms mentioned above?

5. Can I plan for a baby?

6. If it is due to mental tension what are the methods to recover without medications?

7. What is your answer if I say all the above three tests show a false negative result and how do you explain it if yes or no?

8. I have read a Q & A in Aids community where the patient says he is HIV positive for last ten years and a test after five years says he is negative, why is it so? Do you think my case may be like this?

9. Why it is difficult to believe the test of HIV? Do you think I do not believe the tests because I am getting symptoms?

10. If it is not HIV, is there any remedy for my present symptoms?


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You don't have HIV.
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"Teak" is right. In order to catch HIV it has to travel from one persons bloodstream into another person's in sufficient quantities and the person you were exposed to has to have had HIV. In your case, her status is unknown but you have not put yourself at risk given your sexual acts and your 22 month test is conclusive. Put it behind you - it sounds like you are a very clever lad going through what I call growing up. The mind is very powerfull and can deceive you. I suggest you read books on the brain and our evolution to understand more about how complex we really are and how you can believe what in reality id total rubbish.

Best of Luck,
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