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my hiv test conclusion

i have perticipated in and un protected sex..condome broken..i have tested with tis test
at day 21 from exposure PCR DNA
at day 35  from exposure  P24 COMBO DUO
at day 60  from exposure  P24 COMBO DUO
after 3 months 4 months and 5 months with HIV ELISA  1 & 2  ANTIBODY TEST
all these tests came back nagative and non reactive..
my doubt is...
we also tested that girl who perticipated in sex with me that girl's elisa antibody tests after 3 months and 5 months are also nagative and non reactive..
i am happy with this results but my problem is there is some small red colored pipmle like spots on my chest from last 4 months..they are appearing and dissapearing after some days and leaving marks like pimple spots..
the skin doctor diagnosed as ACNE VULGARIS and given me minocyclin..after i used that minocyclin and some acne related creams. all that gone in 10 days..after i stopped that it repeted after 5 days..when i use minocyclin it will gone and i stop it will come back..
and the second issue is that girl have some big purpura rashes on her both legs under the knee with mild cold and fever .. after 5 months...agian that girl tested with elisa hiv antibody she is nagative at 5 months ...doctor said it is purpura and given some tests related to blood.. but that girl was busy and she is not testing that blood tests...i am in confusion...is that purpura cause of hiv...if a person exposed with hiv can cause of purpura..i am in confusion since i saw that purpura rashes on her legs..pls help me...my pimple like symtoms on my chest cause with hiv
if it is related to hiv is that acne like spots dissapear within few day is that leave nay marks after cure..tht pimples are coming and disappearing it self like acne..if i not used any antibiaotics ...is it acne vulgaris or any hiv related pls give me a good clarification...and is there any chances to both her and me to not devlop antibodies within in 5 months..if not devloped antibodies..is there any test for conclusion after 5 month or 6 months from exposure to direct detect hiv virus in bllod..if i tested with any like pcr dna or rna or any other like cd4 count..does detect my status..now days since was devloped a lot...but there is no clarification in this..some says conclusive after 3 months some says after 6 months.. some says after 1 year..i wan mental peace...i want retest after 6 months from exposure...what is the exact conclusion without any dout there is no issue from my economical bacground..i pay
for any test in the world but i need clarification 100%..what ever it is after 6 months or 1 year but..i need 100%..
result...hep me..pls..
thanq u
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If you and the woman you were with had no other risks during your testing period, you are both conclusively negative.

You both being negative confirms each others status if you can't trust science.
Work with your doctor with your concerns but you ruled out hiv.
thanq u..for ur encouragement...i dont know about that girl ..but  i am not in any sexual or other like that contact since 5 months...i trust science..but same that science is saying.. that some times...some person's antibodies are not develop up to six months and up to 12 month...if we both are in that category .pls say some details why happen for some people to not devlope antibodies if they exposed with hiv...for which kind of persons to not devlop antibodies after 6 months or up to 6 months...and
13276481 tn?1451150367
Hiv has been around since the early 80s.
Testing methods have improved with many studies.
As testing methods improved the window period to detect hiv has shrunk.
With over 40 yrs of this disease there is now a mix of outdated, BS, and current information.
You had a DNA test, two forth generation tests that also looks for p24 antigen that precedes antibodies.
3 antibody tests up to 5 months.
Todays test for hiv are among the most accurate and sensitive out there.

I tested out to a yr because many symptoms and some ongoing made me feel like you.
Just think, two ppl who engaged in unprotected sex together don't develop antibodies? What are the chances of that?

You "more" than tested conclusively negative. You surf the internet and keep fueling your anxiety that your negative tests should remove.
thanq u very much...
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