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non Reactive - Results , Yes

Woo Hoo.. 14 weeks, HIV 1 / O / 2 w/ WB  - Non Reactive

Syphills, RAR, Non Reactive, neg.

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Thank you for everyone support, and I am here to support everyone.

May, I  wooo hooo ?

Thank you lord and everyone.

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We told you so.

(sorry, couldn't help myself).  Best of luck in the future.
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congrats G
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Congratulations , you got another life!!. I wish i can gather some courage and do test and have my piece of mind . Please pray for me as well.
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Congrats!  I hope my results are the same, been waiting since wed.  My prayers are with you rohit.  I think the hardest part is actually getting tested, but then again, I don't know my results yet...
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Shocker! You do not have HIV? Hmmm, how could that possible be the case? Ok, you are probably picking up on the sarcasm. So, one question: how are you going to spend all of the free time you have now? You know, the time that isn't spent worrying about this?

Perhaps a good way to spend at least a little of your time is to really study the mechanics of HIV transmission. In fact, I would recommend you do so soon, or at least before your next sexual encounter. Otherwise, I see a repeat of this episode. Actually, more than one.

Best of luck to you.
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NOt going to this massage parlor, **** or ****.

Thanks guys

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We are all totally shock.

Not at all.

Congratulations though. Now move on.
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Congrats dude
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Congrats.  Perhaps you slightly overreacted, huh?  :)

Learn from this episode and now move on.  
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Way to go! Now go get a massage to celebrate!
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