Hey I posted before about getting an unprotected bj from a women that may be hiv+ but I was wondering if it really is no risk for me to get it.  Still scared and have had flu like symptoms for about a week and no appetite during that ad well.

Ps. How do I delete posts and profile after. I have been safe (no sex) with wife since, but don't want to lose my marriage bc she finds this. We were separated at the time. Please try not to judge horribly scared for marriage and health.
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You cannot catch HIV this way,,you don't even know her status,,stop worrying, get over your actions and forget about it.

You are safe to move on buddy!! :)
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You are asking the same question, even after being answered earlier that oral sex is not a risk. It seems that you either have anxiety issues or guilt issues. Either way, this forum will not help you with that. You need to seek out professional help for those issues.
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