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Had a question, which has caused me some concern the past couple of days. Know if might come off a bit far-fetched/paranoid, but would appreciate anyone's legitimate feedback not only on my question, but the issue at large. Recently have been reading about the area I live in, and the growing conern over injection drugs, heroin, etc... In turn, there have been various stories regarding needles being found all over parks, beaches, the stree...and specific police officers being assigned to monitor for this type of behavior and prevent it. Now, I have done some research on the subject, and am familiar with the ways hiv/hepatis is/is not transmitted...but my concerns (as i'm sure many others) still exist. Obviously, cannot live a life in which "we are afraid of our own shadows", but even after heading to the beach with family for a nice day last week, still concerned when I was walking through the sand. What my real question is...should I even have any apprehenaion about going to these public places which I always frequented (parks, beaches)? I have read that there is essentially no risk if was even poked by a needle which was left out in the public, but still makes me and many I have spoke to uncomfrotable. Any more literature/facts that anyone can offer about people who were potentially infected via this route? Saw on the site, "no one has been infected with blood borne diseases this way outside the health care setting"...is that a pretty accepted, solid conclusiuon on the subject. Go on living your life as usual, and not to bother pushing for me or my family to get tested after a nice day in the park or beach.

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Go to the beach, park etc. and enjoy yourself. This is NOT a realistic concern for you. People are NOT infected this way in the real world of HIV.

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I should also add...half this paranoia comes after a usual beach visit...when you're stepping on shells, rocks, etc...now these new reports in the media place that other fear in your head! Just would love to hear some others' views on this. Thanks again.
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