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rash and other symptoms

i got a major facial rash for 5 weeks, oral thrush, fatigue, sore throat...........

got neg 12 week test results.

but feel **** - are we talking mono, something else and what triggers constant facial   rash
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If you have had "i got a major facial rash for 5 weeks, oral thrush, fatigue, sore throat........... " and your 12 week result was after or during these symptons then it can't be HIV. Anyway a 12 week neg test means you don't have HIV.
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ur symptoms dont relate to hiv...! and ur 12 week test proves no hiv!

those type of symptoms are hiv related....but u would also have all the over major ones...fever..swollwen lympth..etc! sounds like some sort of allergies...fatigue is due to stress 4 sure
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You are negative my friend, work with your doctor for other causes. See a dermalogist.
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It sounds like a perfect case of EBV infection. It spreads so easily just by kissing. and the symptoms could be because of many things, but I would put my money on mono........Absolutely not HIV. you are HIV negative period.

Get a mono spot test or an EBV antibody test.
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I need that test.

However UK stats say 97% of people have acquired in by adulthood. So If i am only 3% likley to catach it and my partner is displaying same symptoms and she is only 3% likely to not already have it, the odds seem longon it actaully being EBV. Also the kids seem a little unwell at the moment, so maybe it gets it out of the way for them. I am at docs next week
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