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symptoms of hiv

hmm..its been 2 -3 months that i m starting feels like flu symptoms like: headache for short period,having runny nose,actually i m going through stuffy nose since 11-12 months,sometimes feel dizziness,weekness in hand legs, vomiting sensation , sneezing is rare but happens,red spots on my plams and gets disappear often, i had warts under my sole but it is not now, i have fungal infection  around neck, i suffered with strep throat twice, feels ulcer in mouth but not white spots, little itchiness in eyes, my weight is just 45kg and i m of 18 yrs thats weird but it is. i feel inflammation in my stomach, and most important is about my private area....testicles tingles sometime and it pain a little not sever , little discharge occurs very rare and sometime just feels that it is discharging ......

i dont hv night sweats, whitespots on tongue,...

so my question is that: is it  a sign of hiv or something??

i have googled abt my symptoms and got it all as hiv symptoms..1!!

i am worried, dont knw what to do..!!!

i kindly request you to help me plzz....!!!

i am waiting for  reply....!!!!

just guide me ..!! its my university xam next couple of week ..!!!
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what was your exposure?
..i was involved in unprotected anal sex with a guy...!! we frequent do oral but  anal. is rare..!! my last sex with him was about 3-4 months ago...!! i dont knw abt his status...but he seems well....a week ago before my last sex...he was itchtying all over his body...especialy around neck ..!!! bt stuffy nose is a big factor that i am dealing with since a year..!!!.
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Your post doesn't make any sense. ARS does not occur 8 weeks if it even does. Stuffy nose prior nothing to do with HIV.
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HIV has no clinical symptoms, say this test is the only proper indicator on your HIV status. if you tested at or after 3 months.. you are considered hiv..
symptoms are not a way to diagnose your status, test result always dominate and rule out medical condition.
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