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the hiv test of my Ex-boyfriend is Positive,i am hopeless

About 7 months ago  i come here ask a question.at that time i don't know if  my boyfriend is hiv positive or not.
you  told  me  don't worry,so i was Peace of mind。

i am a gay
i  make love with my  Ex-boyfriend  twice。maybe three times.
strictly,just only have oral sex.only use my mouth..he did not do that for me.

we do it a bit  violently ,and there is a Oral cavity ulcer in my mouth,but it is nearly Rehabilitation,no blood. after the sex,there is  nothing  Uncomfortable in my mouth.

last, he  did not ejaculate in my mouth,but i still worry that there is some Prostatic fluid in my mouth,is that serious?

and one time he use his finger Insert into my Anus。i am afried that there was some Prostatic fluid on his finger.

LAST WEEK ,he made a call to me  told my  he was hiv  postive.and  his  cd4 IS 299..

I  felt  my  world  Collapsed....i am fear to go CDC,because i fear that i am  also postive....

my  Body has no strength these days...what should i do?...

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still no risk
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Prostatic secretions on his finger from fingering you? Bud you'ld have a more serious problem than HIV if it were true. You had no risk.
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before his finger Insert into my Anus,he played his Penis.
firsr,we wanted Anal sex  use Condom ,but it seemed  difficult. his Penis can not send into my Anus,although he use his saliva and other water-based lubricant on the Condom。 that was  my fisrt time to be bottom. so we gived up.

that is  wHY  i am afried that there was some Prostatic fluid,or saliva  on his finger.because  he touched  his penis before his finger into my body.

after that  i suck his Penis. and his movement was a bit  violently. but  i am sure he did not ejaculate.no blood in my  mouth.and there is  nothing  Uncomfortable in my mouth。

may be  my  english is so poor ,and  may be i am  tortuous..

but  his  is  HIV postive ,which make me so Shocked,CDC is a Terrible place,i am fear to go to have a test....

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You never had an exposure.
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thank you, i feel better now.
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do  you  think  is it  necessary that i go to  have a test for HIV?
only  oral sex  three times,finger sex one time, and  we  live Together in the same room and  bed  about two months.
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