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very anxious, HIV SYMPTOMS

Dear Sirs,

I had an affair with a prostitute exactly 19 days ago, I used a condom while receiving a blow job from her, and then she put a condom on her finger and inserted it in my anus and started fingering me. Before that she had her fingers inside her vagina.

My 1st question is: Is it possible that HIV may have been trasmitted to me from her vagina to her fingers and then to my anus?

My second question: Ten days after the exposure I woke up in the morning feeling very dizzy, this continued on a light manner for about one week, however since yesteday the dizziness accompanied with nausea started to strengthen and I've started loosing my appetite. Could these be HIV early symptoms?

Third Question: I had HIV ELISA test two weeks after my exposure and it was negative. Does this result (i.e. test after two weeks of exposure) mean anything in my situation, and do you recommend having another HIV?

Best Regards,

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1. No
2. If #1 was no, then the answer to this is No.
3. If #1 and 2 are no, then you do not need, and never did need, an HIV test.
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Thank you for these comforting answers. But could anxiety be the reasons for my symptoms.  I'm already booked in the hospital to have HIV test, at three weeks of exposure. In normal circomstances how accurate to you consider the Elisa test after three weeks of exposure?

thank you in advance
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You don't need to test, what the test will tell you is your status 3 months prior. It won't tell you anything about what you did three weeks ago.
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now you're really confusing and scaring me. In many other cases you confirmed that four to six weeks period after the exposure is good enough to identify whether a person is HIV infected or not. Please give me a very clear answer, do my symptoms stated above HIV early symptoms or not, and do i need to be tested after three months or not,

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You could not have gotten HIV from the exposure you described in your post.  You do not need a test at all for what you describe, because there is no possibility you contracted HIV in that manner.  

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Jack, read what peek told you in the beginning. You didn't have a risk. So if you didn't have a risk you don't need to test. PERIOD..
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