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very worried

hi there, first of all thank you for your forums, they are comforting me somewhat to know that im not the only one going through this anxiety!
I am a 22 year old female from uk. This time last year i had sex with a a prtner upon where the condom came off half way through without us noticing, he ejeculated inside me. I also performed oral sex on him where he ejeculated into my mouth too. I took no other precautions other than the morning after pill, i have recently found out that the boy takes steroids! and now am so worried that im constantly shaking, disturbed sleep, crying all the time and lost my appetite. I had a test done yesteday (full std screening) and have to wait 2 weeks for the results! i cant cope with this wait i am litterally a nervous wreck! Are these symptoms im experiencing a form of manic depressive? and what are the odds if my partner was infected?
Many thanks and look forward to your reply.
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If you are having depression see your doctor. HIV is not a game of chance. You'll have your results in two weeks.
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what does ' steroid ' mean ?  is it the med for HIV person?

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no steroids are hormonal injections/tabs that make your muscles larger! (not sure if my partner injected or took them orally)
Anyone got any ideas for how to get through these 2 weeks without turning into a complete nut case?
p.s Teak I have made appt with my doc for next monday (he couldnt c me any sooner ) thanks
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Steroids are used for a lot of things not just for enhancing muscle build and hormone replacement.
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what makes u think he is HIV + ??  what makes u think that he may share his needle with someone else...?
i dont think he has HIV
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cool! i also forgot to mention that he lived in south africa for a year...he tested negative when he came back, but after learning about the 3 month window i fear his results could have been misleading. I am also concerned about my mental health! am i being paranoid?
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