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marijuana to help treat tbi

my friend is recovering from a brain injury . all though he's do well he gets very anxious and seems to obsess over the little things . his family and doctors have him on heavy meds to treat this problem but he hates his medications and what they do to him. I know that smoking anything is bad for his health and recovery . recently i gave in and allowed him to smoke a very little bit of marijuana "i'm talking like 2 hits" I know his family would disapprove but it did wonders. he  was the most calm and collective I've seen him since his accident . it was like night and day . I know for a fact that the marijuana helped his mental state . but does it harm his outcome of recovery in the long run . is the small amount of smoke really worse than the heavy sedatives the doctors give him. especially when the marijuana seems to work much better for him
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No, the marijuana will  not harm his outcome of recovery. Marijuana doesnt have to be smoked either.  It can be vaporized or consumed orally.    Most important, the cannabinoids found in the common herb is actually a  antioxidant and if found to have neuro-protective properties. It could actually help heal the damaged brain cells, or keep more of the  central nervous system  from getting more damage.

There is still a lot of research to be done in this wonder drug and the discovery of cannabinoids and their uses.  It has even been thought to cure cancer. However  this doesnt make it ok to do something illegal. Try and discuss this with his pcp and consider a  recommendation for the medicinal use.  Maybe you could do some research and present your findings with the family.  

People need to be desensitized to medical marijuana, there is really no reason to be afraid of something that they are simply  not fully educated on.
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Let's look at this a little more objectively.

Probably a little marijuana won't be harmful.

But we don't really know that. And if you are looking for justification for providing him with the drug you were morally and legally wrong to do so. Not a little bit wrong. One hundred percent wrong. You are operating above your pay grade.

I do not have access to this individuals records and have no idea what kind of a "brain injury" he has. Marijuana can, in some instances precipiate seizures, which will then be attributed to his brain injury, and he may be placed on ant-seizure medications. It may effect his EEG, and most certainly mask symptoms that are generally monitored in evaluating recovery from certain brain injuries.

"Talk to his doctor and tell him you've been giving him an illegal drug."

That doesn't seem to me to be a rocket-ship idea.

Plus, many samples of imported marijuana (unless you grow it yourself) have been sprayed with deadly neurotoxins (thank the DEA) which can cause degeneration of nerve cells and brain cells.

So, yes. There is a reason to be "araid of something they are not fully educated on".
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Welcome to the MedHelp forum!
Marijuana is not the preferred method or justified method for treating any disease. In brain injury it may cause more harm than good by dulling the sensations, masking the symptoms and masking the response to other drugs.
A number of studies have shown an association between chronic marijuana use and increased rates of anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation, and schizophrenia.
I know you mean well. However, if the patient is very anxious and irritable, it only shows there is some irritation in brain and you must discuss this with his neurologist. Hope this helps. Take care!
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I received my TBI on 9/11/2005 and started somking marijuana which worked absolutely great. I was on many maor medicines and didn't like the way they made me feel or act. Soon switched to Marinol because I wanted to be legal. Marijuana is now legal in my state, so I will be switching back. Nothing, in my case, beats the REAL thingl it definetly isn't for everyone, but marijuana works so much better the the man made THC. It is not for everyone, but like I said, in my case it does work as a great medicine. For me it is just off of the one hitter. No joints or blunts, just through the one hitter. Maybe 8 to 9 One hits a day. There is much research to see what benifets can come from the GOD made marijuana. Not for everyone, but it works wonders for me!!  
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Hi, my is Jason. I was in the head in 1994. I think you wrong there,  caregiver222. I have smoked it before to help with the seizures and pain and it does help someone. My wife smokes it and there's nothing wrong with her as her doctor even agreed that it has been helping her. UCSF Neurologist even had suggested me smoking it from time to time to help me out.
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