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Grand mal seizures/scarring left side brain

My dughter died on June 7th. Since then, I have cried every single day. Deep deep depression and grief. On Oct 20th I experienced my 1st grand mal seizure. Last week I had 2 more 7 days apart. EEG came back normal, MRI showed what could be scarring on the left side of my brain. DR said retest in 3 months to see if its a tumor. He says I have epilepsy,I disagree. Is it possible this is caused from severe trauma and grief? Each seizure I have had has been shortly after I awake in the morning and before I eat breakfast. I have read that trauma and grief can cause this so I would just like some feedback. Thanks in advance.
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I had a gran mal seizure as well, didn't think this was the case so never mentioned it but before I went to bed I was in deep thought of my really bad past and looking at a picture of me as a kid where I look white as a ghost and looking into my eyes how you can tell I was deeply depressed that day and you could tell I wanted to cry. I also lost my mom a few years ago and thinking of her to, then I woke up at 5 something to use the bathroom when I felt like the flu, then I had a seizure and after I was normal, went to E.R. they did a cat scan and my head was fine. That was the Mon after Christmas and all they found was that my potassium was slightly low. I keep hearing different causes of them kind of seizures. makes me fustrated to, I hope you find the cause its not easy, been a long road for me. Anyways more to my story but basicly this information is just about when I had this seizure which is not one I had before. I hope you get better! Good Luck!
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I am so very sorry for your loss.  I think that grief and stress can do many things and I think this is possible also.  I just can't imagine any worse pain.  I also think your daughter would want you to be ok.  Please take care of yourself.  Are you on any medications?  I am here if you need anything.  Thinking of you ((hugs))
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Thank you. They did give me meds for the seizures but I am not taking them, they are VERY bad for the liver. Thankfully, I havent had another episode. When I had gone to the ER and spoke to my Dr and told them its from grief, they all looked at me like I was nuts. I know these are grief induced seizures. Everytime after I seize, and I am still in "blackout mode" my husband tells me I speak of my daughter. I found a new Dr and hopefully I will get better results.
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Thank you
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I suffer from gran mall seizures  When I had my first seizure a doctor at the hospital said my seizure was caused by stress. Which I didn't think was the case and after further tests it turned out I have epilepsy caused by scarring
From some earlier surgery. Just wanted to let you know, that  seizures can be caused by stress. I've even seen it listed as one of the trigers for bringing on a seizure. Fatigue can also contribute to seizures. I'm guessing with your depression and grief comes a certain amount of fatigue. My heart goes out to you, losing your daughter. I can only imagine what your going through. Take care of yourself x
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They can look at you like you are crazy all they want.  You know how you feel.  Stress from grief or what ever can really do bad things.  You are beyond stress with the death of your daughter.  I realize the meds might cause liver damage but so does tylenol.  Please weigh your options for what is best for you.  Weigh the damages with and without.  Do you mind me asking if you have other children?  I am here if you need to talk.  ((hugs))
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