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deductible maternity health insurance

I am 15 weeks pregnant, and still haven't been able to see a doctor yet. Medicaid denied me because my husband makes too much money. He added me to his insurance threw work, and the deductible is 3000. Does that mean i have to pay that up front at my first doctors visit or what? I am confused about it!
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Dear megan316,

When you have a plan with deductable; that typically means that you will be responsible for the services & claims up to that amount. However if your 1st visit only costs $200, that is what you would owe to the doctor (which you can make arrangements on how you intend to pay it to him/her). Having said that, it doesn’t mean that your 1st visit is for sure subject to the deductable, but it may be. You can request a copy of your policy/benefits from your insurer so you can see how your plan pays for benefits like maternity; information like that is usually spelled out in your Benefit booklet.

You can also call your insurer (Customer Service Dept) and ask them directly how maternity is covered under your plan.

I also recommend that you make sure any & all providers (doctors/hospitals/labs/etc) that you see are in your plan’s network. Don’t simply assume that if your doctor is sending you to a lab, he/she has done the due diligent to ensure, the lab is in-network. You can contact your insurer to check the validity of network providers.


Amir Mostafaie    
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