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How do you exercise with kids?

I have two sons that are 15 months apart.  I had to learn ways of sneaking in exercise and am happy to share what worked for me.  What do you do?
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One thing that worked for me was volunteering at my son's school, in the back of the classroom.  There was nowhere to sit down, and the tasks I was given kept me on my feet the whole time.
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I've been known to go to a private area in the house (anywhere that the kids and husband aren't in) and put on headphones and dance for 30 minutes.  Don't tell anyone as I'm SURE I look ridiculous.  
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For now, I workout during nap time.  And some nights, I go to our local rec center for their fitness classes when hubby is home so he can watch the LO.
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Hey there, welcome to the group!!  Yes, I've done nap time.  I found that I was almost too tired then or the dishes were calling my name though . . .   (sadly, both of those can always be the case for me).

I sometimes will get up a half hour or 45 minutes before anyone else and go for a run/walk (mostly walk).  I lay my things out outside the bedroom so I don't wake anyone.  And I find that if I do it first thing (work out)---  it happens more routinely than if I sneak it in later.  By nature, I'm not a morning person and my preferred work out time is late afternoon, early evening . . .   but by then, it is hard for me to get it going if you know what I mean.

So, I'm glad you are able to get this in.  

What do you do when you go to the gym?  
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Thanks for the welcome!!!

I wish I could do that, but my husband goes to work at 4am, so I'm not able to go do while the baby sleeps :(  I bought the heart rate monitor watch that helps me with how many calories I've burned, I keep track of all my food in MyFitnessPal, and I have someone that I literally pay (a friend who has recently lost 100 lbs) to keep me accountable and makes me weigh in every week.

When I go to the gym (once a week for now), I do a class called MixxedFit, which is a high intensity hip-hop inspired dance/toning class.  I'm 3 weeks in and I've lost 13 lbs so far.  
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wow!  That's fantastic!  You must feel terrific!!  I've lost 20 but I started in January so it's taken me a LONG time!!  I love classes when I can do them at the gym.  I do boot camp two times a week typically which sounds horrendous but I like it because it is short bursts of exercise and the class flies by.  I am always sore afterwards.  

Do you ever put your baby in childcare?  I was always nervous about it.  THEN, I did and my son with the developmental delay had a bad day and the staff made me feel so horrible.  Hurt my feelings for my child so I never took him to that again.  I know lots of moms that do leave there kids though and I probably would of for a work out had it worked out better.  

Anyway, that is amazing--  your diet success!  What is the diet like in terms of how much you eat and what you eat?
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I haven't left her with anyone but my husband - which is why I haven't joined a real gym yet.  She just turned one, so I'm really hesitant about leaving her with someone and she can't tell me what happened.

A typical day for me is this:
Breakfast -
An egg on a whole wheat english muffin with low-fat deli cheese and a piece of turkey bacon, a banana, and coffee with stevia and almond milk.

Lunch -
4oz ground turkey and steamed zucchini/carrots

Snack -
Granola bar OR popcorn OR almonds/grapes

Dinner -
4 oz chicken OR 6 oz fish, serving of steamed or roasted green veggie, and a serving of sweet potato.

I do have a lot of variety, so we mix it up quite a bit so it doesn't get old.  I usually have between 1100-1600 calories per day, then I add in a workout and am still nursing my daughter which burns a few extra calories.  

Everything I eat is 1 serving.  For example, I have 91 grams of cooked broccoli.  The food scale is imperative for me to succeed.
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Hey Shannon, thanks for this post on what you are eating.  Can't believe all that is just that few of calories.  Do you weight everything out?  Have a kitchen scale?
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Oh, wait . . .  I wrote Shannon--  and it is our friend Sheaby's post!!  Sorry!!  Thank you SHEABY!
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Do you have a YMCA nearby?  There is so much for the whole family to do and they build friendships in the babysitting room and doing events, you feel less guilty leaving them in babysitting etc, while you work out.

Think of exercise as taking medicine to extend your life and stay healthy, don't feel guilty.
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