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Looking for hearing loss answers to 20 year old issue

I been looking for answers to my hearing loss that I have had for the past three months, but only have some possible ideas.  I was hoping to find if anyone has gone through similar situation and what their outcome or outlook has been.

I am 49 years old. I was born deaf  in my right ear.  I had no issues with my left ear until 20 years ago.  One day it dropped down and ringing started.  It didn't go out completely but I had distortions and wild fluctuations and at times couldn't hear much. It came back within a month, but over the years it would resurface for a week or two and come back  Last bout with it was 6 years ago and was hoping it wouldn't ever come back

I been to doctors, had MRI  and steroids injections etc to no avail. This time it started up over three months ago to where now I can barely hear without a hearing aid most days. It's never lasted this long and now I wonder if it's stuck. I'm in moderate severe range as of know. I been to ent and have appointments with more doctors next week. No one has had a answer for me on this.  I have tinnitus since then as well.

Does this sound like a progressive loss that people experience  or an auto immune disorder.  Anyone had similar issues and any good results.  I know it's just a synopsis of what I am going through. Any thoughts or suggestions for where to seek answers would be appreciated.  Thanks

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The fluctuating nature of the hearing loss appears to be symptom similar of Meniere's Disease, or (as you mentioned) auto-immune disease. Your further testing at ENT is the correct path to follow. Good luck.
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You have to take an good checkup of ENT as you are suffering from such issue proper doctor have to examine it.
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