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All teeth pain while on Renexa

Since Renexa has been prescribed to me by my cardiologist, I wasnt having any teeth pounding or chest pain!
Lots of stomach pain and nausea though!
Now that the stomach pain has let up , all my teeth are hurting.
I never had that in my life happen.
Usually was upper and lower teeth in center when I had blocked arteries but now they have been cleaned out with a balloon during a heart catheterization.
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Hello, welcome to the forum.  I'm sorry this is happening as a person that really detests tooth discomfort. One potential side effect of Ranexa is dry mouth which can lead to an increase in actual teeth issues.  Have you been to the dentist lately?  That would be my suggestion to do first. Make sure all is well with teeth and gums. Sudden gum recession can cause all over tooth pain. So, just to rule out any dental issues, best to have all evaluated. Then speak to your doctor.  It's not in the literature of the drug that this is a reported adverse event which isn't to say it's not one for you.  But it is hard to track. Your doctor is going to have to work with you. But they will want you to have had a dental exam first.
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I have perfect teeth and gums. Was just at dentist 3 months ago.  But when i was having the chest pain and teeth pounding, always goes with it, EKG nor blood enyzyme tests showed anything.
But  yet they found reason when the pain wasnt relieved by  PEPSID thinking it might be stomach causes , they did a heart cath and I was on the table for 3 hours getting balloons put through stents from 12 years ago that were all clogged. They  kept me overnight and i was fine sent me home Weds and Friday started having chest pain and tooth pain  again. Back to the ER and re-admitted and Cardiologist said it would not be safe to go back in to do another cath at this time, so he started me on Renexa and a blood thinner shot in the stomach that lasted 48 hours. Yes the stomach pain has let up but not gone and I have constipation which i never had pre Renexa and still am having stomach pains and nausea which there are 3 of the side effects from it.  I am now on Renexa 10 days and definitely am allergic to nitro glycerine. Terrible headaches and drops in blood pressure they found while i was in hospital.
I think the Renexa is helping the heart problem and teeth throbbing not gone but simmered but now having these side effects still with the Renexa. How long does it take to get it used to your system?
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